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Internet Dating Ideas

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Advertising Term Project

Internet dating has become the "in" thing for modern dating. Internet dating has become the new blind-dating. Usually, when an individual meets someone on the internet they know little or nothing about the other person and the farthest thing on their mind is where to go to meet that person. Obviously, you would think a huge public place with lots of people around but, if you're nervous, you will not be thinking anything of the sort! This is the reason my advertising "product" is an internet dating website but, with a small twist. If the two parties are interested in meeting, the company will suggest a nice, public, romantic place to meet; wheather a nice cafй or a cozy restaurant.

The target audience for my product;, would be white, black or Spanish single professional males, aged 35-40. Education level isn't important as long as they can read and write. Income isn't a factor with my product but, the users must have access to a computer.

The big-idea with my product's advertising would be "taking the thought and planning out of internet dating." The media plan would include advertising on the radio; Lite FM, Z100 and KROCK and specialty men's magazines; GQ and Maxim. I choose these advertising methods because I feel that they would reach the target audience as well as a few other people outside of the target. The radio

would reach the men in this age group as well as single women who would be

interested in trying internet dating. Specialty men's magazines would be great

because they would target males in the 35-40 age bracket as well as a few others. Radio advertising would be about 50% of my advertising budget and 50% would be allocated to the magazine print advertising.



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