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Explain Ho Wchristians Put These Ideas Into Practice

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Believing in helping and assisting less privileged people than ourselves is one thing but putting these beliefs into practice is another. Many people often have these ideas of how they may be able to help people but a lot of them never actually do it and at the most may put five pounds into a collection tin. There are many things that can be done where you can personally help and experience the cause you are helping.

'Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven' this quote represents the most basic thing people do for charity; giving to charity. Most people do this but not to the lengths this quote encourages people to do. People nowadays would not be willing enough to give up all their possessions to help the poor. There are a few exceptions. People like St Mother Teresa gave up everything and went and lived in poverty with the sick and the poor to teach them about the bible and to teach them English, maths and skills to ease the hardship on their lives.

Another very basic thing people do where available is buy fair trade products. A lot of the time farmers are unable to break even in their farming so they spend more money on the actual farming as they get in return for their products. Because of this, people often get drawn into the cycle of poverty.

There are hundreds of fair trade products available. For example you can buy fair trade chocolate which is often a lot nicer than unfair trade chocolate from a producer like Nestle who are being investigated for encouraging exploitation of the poor in LEDC's. Overall fair Trade is not about charity. It's about paying a fair price for the products that we use, eat and wear. It ensures that you get top quality goods and the people who produce them get paid fairly. It's a practical solution to many of the problems that keep the world's poorest people in poor.

One of the more involving activities people do to help the poor and less fortunate is to go and be an aid worker in another country. Either to go and help as a medical worker or as one who delivers aid to the needy and helps to teach new skills to help people in life.

'Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy and drive out demons.'

I think this reading emphasises the need for able people to go and help the poor and the sick nowadays. As much needs to be done to stop the suffering of people all over the world.

Aid companies often advertise for people to become aid workers abroad or to become missionaries.

Carrying on from the last reading, I think that becoming a researcher or scientist to do with discovering new cures for diseases and finding ways of developing crops that will grow and survive in certain climates is another very good but complex way of helping people. If someone wanted to do this then they would probably have to have a career in it and that way it is not the easiest way to help people but it would be very effective if a new cure or a new genetic modification was discovered and could save countless lives all over the world.

'A generous man will be blessed for he shares his food with the poor' this is a quote that in practice also happens today but in slightly different ways. For example: buying less luxuries and giving the money saved from this to the poor is a very easy and thoughtful thing to do. In the reading it tells of men who share food will be blessed. This is virtually what's happening nowadays by people doing this there are other ways of helping in this manner. Tithes are set aside from a person's income to go to the needy. A Tithe is a tenth of some ones annual salary or it can be out of their monthly income. The first tithe recorded in the Bible was given by Abraham to Melchizedek, king of Salem.

'...Then Abraham gave him a tenth of everything.'

The absence of a command for tithing does not relieve Christians of the responsibility to give. Rather, Christians are held to the higher law of stewardship - acknowledging that everything we have is a gift from God and being willing to give it all up at any moment that Christ commands. The Bible specifies two main reasons for Christian giving:

To help



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