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Community Based Psychology

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Psychology 12-10-04

New type of psychology: community psychology

Preventative 1960's in mental health communities instead of hospitals, not to cure patients, but to help them feel better about themselves.

Community focused treatment: TEST

Final review:

Classes after the midterm chapters 3,6,7,8,10,11,12,13. Must be taken before 12 noon

* Processing- top down relies mainly on cognitive factors: if something doesn't make sense at first and then becomes clear after you are familiar with it

* Bottom up processing- sensory- looking at the environment

* Perception- making meaning of env. Info and hen turning it into meaningful exper.

* Sensation- collecting raw info. From the envir.

* Transduction- being able to convert way you hear from the env so ur brain can recognize it

* Accessory structures- modify the physical energy from the outside world

* Processes of memory- 1) encoding what you see in the env

* Storing it in your brain

* Retrieving you info



Storage of short term items...appx. 7-9

* How long does it take to keep something in short term memo? 20 sec

* Sternberg's deff of intelligence- possession of knowledge. Ability to proficiently Use it, and reason with it in different



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