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Community Colleges

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"Community Colleges"

Can attending a community college change one's career, and possibly even change their life? Students who are enrolled in a two year college believe that attending a will change their approach about what they want to do with your life and career. In the article, "We've Overlooked One of Our Greatest Assets," William D. Green explains how enrolling in a community college helped change his mind about what he wanted to do with his career. Green expresses that attending a junior college can help individuals to enhance their careers or to get a head start on what they want to do with their majors. Two year colleges can help students in many ways including continuing their education, offering students with financial grants and aid and can help with job training.

One way community colleges can help students, is by offering many financial arrangements for paying their tuition. Most students who attend a two year college have full-time jobs and are single parents, giving students the opportunity to apply. Green states that nearly 1,100 two year colleges donated public funds to help underprivileged students to enroll in school (pg.2). Junior colleges offer students the option to pay through payment plans and also through school reimbursement.

Another way community colleges help their enrollees is by offering job training courses. Most colleges join together with local businesses such as hospitals who not only offer grants to help students pay for school but will place trained nurses or administrative staff with steady jobs. In the year of 2003, more than half of the candidates who were registered nurses were graduates from the trained nursing courses offered through



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