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Psychologists attempt to explain human behaviors in several various different ways. They do this through watching and observing different peoples personalities, emotions, and their overall behaviors, and actions mentally in regards to their lifestyles and relationships they lead, or have lead. They will not only examine their present lives, but also their past lives to realize how they have gotten to where they are now. Some of the contributing factors to our nature are how we as people behave and how we have been taught to behave by our parents, and families, such as the morals we were brought up to believe. Whereas our nurture is something we learn because of the things around us, and anything and everything that has influenced us in any ways to think differently, or even change our thoughts and behaviors upon something. I feel the interaction between genetic potential plays a very big role in our overall lives, because it is our complete make-up of who we are as a person, and our overall functions, biologically, and environmentally. I think our environmental influences pertain to how learn to adjust, and adapt to different situations that present themselves in our everyday lives, along with the new things we learn. I feel our personal choice interactions are the ones we have learn and become, because of our nature and nurture together as a whole along with all the other influences in our lives that present themselves in order to making us who we are today. I do not feel biology is destiny, because it is a combination of all the factors described above as a whole that make us who we are biologically it is not possible to limit only one factor.



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