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Career Planning

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        The first thing anyone who does an internship asks is what they expect out of the experience and what will it mean for their future planning.  During my internship it has improved my communication skills, boost my confidence, and I learned the teaching essentials such as making lesson plans, how to conduct a class, and how to discipline children while earning their respect.  I have also developed better work habits and how to conduct myself in a professional way.  

        I believe teaching a preschool classroom is such a joy.  There is more interaction with the children and their parents and you get more feedback as well.  I enjoy planning projects that the children will love and be proud of and I also enjoy being in front of a classroom giving a lesson.  It’s much different environment from working with infants.  It’s less stressful and I can dress more professionally instead of jeans and sweat pants while working at the infant sites.  I feel like I can connect more with the older children.  I believe this internship has taught me that it’s time to move on from the infant group to the toddler and preschool group.  As an added bonus I got promoted to work as a teacher at the Sunflower Academy which comes with more responsibilities and a pay raise.

        The best resource that has worked for me when it comes to career planning is going to job fairs and networking parties.  At a job fair there are employers, recruiters and even schools that give out information for potential employees and students.  The job seekers dress up in professional attire and keep their resumes with them when they speak face-to-face with the companies asking questions to they can get an idea of what the jobs are and what work and credentials are needed.  There are also online job fairs for those who cannot attend the actual event and it’s a great way to get in contact with employers online.  



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