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Career Planning

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Essay Preview: Career Planning

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Score: Directive: 68, Analytical: 90, Conceptual: 78, Behavioral: 58

1. I guess I agree with the results. I don't really know what they mean other than that I'm close to the norm. There really is no feedback or scoring scale to compare with. I assume this means that I make decisions like most normal people do. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It can probably be both. I agree that I'm probably more analytically inclined than the other styles. I take this to mean that I like to examine a problem before I just jump into it. This is true, but I also find that I am also good at working through a project and discovering the solutions.

2. I think that the main point for me to work on is the behavioral. When I get involved in work I tend to forget others feelings. I know that life isn't just about getting projects done. The way that someone treats others is very important. If you only care about your career and money, and forget people, you end up like Scrooge. The other style that I'd like to work on is the conceptual style. I'd like to increase my creativity. When I read about or talk to successful entrepreneurs, one common attribute that I see is vision and creativity. Not necessarily in an artistic way, but in ways that go beyond the traditional method of thinking or problem solving. I think that developing this style more would make life more interesting and give me more problem solving tools.

Score: Total points for A: 61 (primarily represent the left-brain mode)

Total points for B: 52 (primarily represent right-brain mode)

Total points for C: 73 (primarily represent right-brain mode)

Total points for D: 64 (primarily represent left-brain mode)

Your primary thinking style: C

Your secondary preference: D

1. I somewhat agree with the results. The print out claimed that I am inclined to music and spirituality. I agree with those results somewhat because although I love music, I'm not very good at playing it. When looking at the chart I think that I would probably categorize myself more in the A/D group because of the way



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