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Career Plan

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My future employment plans include government with the office of Veterans Affairs. I am interested in this company because I am a veteran and I believe in the job that they do for us. I know that at the most, I need to have an MBA to have a position as a director within the facility. At present, I am unsure if I want to proceed in getting a Ph.D. in Business Administration. However, I am including it in my plan in case it does become an option for me.


1 Industry: Government

Position: File Clerk

Education: BA in Technical Management

Description: Pull and distribute mail for different departments; search for files and folders and prepare them for use by the different departments.

3 Industry: Government

Position: Program Support Assistant

Education: Masters in Business Administration

Description: Prepare incoming mail for Veterans' education benefits for claim processing; verify and ensure claims are accurate so that veterans can get the correct amount of financial allowance for their education.

5 Industry: Government

Position: Program Analyst Management

Education: Masters in Business Administration

Description: The Veterans Benefits Administration is responsible for providing comprehensive benefits and services to America's veterans and their families.

8 Industry: Government

Position: Supervisory Veterans Claims Examiner

Description: Directs the efforts of a staff of employees engaged in substantive, professional,



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