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Black History

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Essay Preview: Black History

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African Americans have come a long way since they first arrived in America. When African Americans first arrived here they were slaves and treated like dirt. Now days they are treated equally and have the same rights as everyone else. African American scientists and inventors have impacted my life in so many amazing ways. There’s Mark Dean, Rebecca Cole, and the famous George Washington Carver.

To begin with, Mark Dean invented the first one gigahertz computer processor chip and a device that enabled computer components to communicate with each other rapidly. This made personal computers fast and efficient for the first time. Without the wonderful Mark Dean you would not be reading my essay right now. Also with his great inventions I am able to communicate with someone over seas. Being able to use a personal computer at fast speeds will help me finish school work faster and easier. Therefore without Mr. Dean this world would not be at where it is today. We would not have half the technology advances we do.

Secondly, the fabulous Rebecca Cole, I believe her invention was by far the greatest. Ms. Cole taught hygiene in the poor neighborhoods, and taught them childcare. I believe without Cole we still would not probably know anything about our hygiene and how to care for a child. Rebecca Cole has taught Americans how we can look and feel better by taking care of ourselves. Without her childcare teachings Americans would probably still be losing children because we don’t know how to care for them proper. Think about it, do you really think someone would be attracted to someone who had sweaty body odor, dog breath or someone who looked like they just got done diving through dumpsters and sewage water?

Last but certainly not least, Mr. George Washington Carver. Carver developed hundreds of applications for farm products that are important to the economy of the South, including peanut butter, sweet potato, soybean



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