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Black History Month

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Essay Preview: Black History Month

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Many people view Black History Month as a celebration of African-American achievements, but is it necessary? The agenda of this observation fails to improve any of the oppression placed on Black life. There are no other ethnicities or races that have a special month for themselves. Also, if Black History was implemented in all history textbooks the need for the month would be void.

The celebration was proposed by Carter G. Woodson, as "Negro History Week" in 1915 and nine years later his dream came true. It was to honor past achievements and contributions of African-Americans. The birthdays of Abraham Lincoln (February 12) and Frederick Douglass (February 14) compelled Woodson to choose the second week of February for observance. It has evolved into what we now know as Black History Month, and is also held every October in Britain.

No matter the race, creed or color, no human being has enjoyed life without some form of oppression or inequality. Exaggeration on the importance of a "Black History Month" is actually insulting and should be considered offensive to anyone of African descent. There are major aspects of Black life that continue to go unshaped including the ever increasing drug epidemic as well as the economic gap, to name a few. No programs or assistance have been spawned from or established directly from this celebration. For a people that have been and continue to be treated as second-class citizens, this is a complete and utter embarrassment. A people that have collectively given so much to what we refer to as culture shouldn't have to bear such a great humiliation.

Other than African-Americans or Black Americans, no other people have been afforded to have a celebratory month. All races or ethnicities that currently make up the fabric that we call "America" can honestly hold some claim to deserving a month. Every ethnic group should at least enjoy a week, being that there are



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