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Last update: May 28, 2015
  • Slavery In American History

    Slavery In American History

    When it comes to some important events before 19th century in United States, we must mention the Abolition Movement, which began in 1930s, and ended with Emancipation Proclamation. Just like our textbook---A Short History of the American Nation, ÐŽoNo reform movement of this era was more significant, more ambiguous in character, or more provocative of later historical investigation than the drive to abolish slavery.ÐŽ± Abolition Movement was not only meaningful to itself, that is, slavery

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    Submitted: December 20, 2010
  • American History 1301 - Slavery

    American History 1301 - Slavery

    American History 1301: Politics of the British Empire: Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, Charles II, James II, Queen Mary and King William of Orange 1. Puritan Triumph (In England) 1. Charles I and Archbishop Laud 1640-1649 1. Laud: imposed Anglican Bible on Calvinists (Puritans) 2. Charles I: demands of Parliament, Absolute Monarchy 1. 1647: Puritans, Oliver Cromwell, Civil War 2. 1649: Puritans dominate Parliament, Republican Commonwealth, Charles I beheaded, Cromwell rules, dictatorship, death in 1659. 3.

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  • Philippine History

    Philippine History

    The diversity and richness of Philippine literature evolved side by side with the country's history. This can best be appreciated in the context of the country's pre-colonial cultural traditions and the socio-political histories of its colonial and contemporary traditions. During the Commonwealth Period, a new set of colonizers brought about new changes in Philippine literature. New literary forms such as free verse [in poetry], the modern short story and the critical essay were introduced. American

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  • History Of International Workers' Day

    History Of International Workers' Day

    There is much to study on the history of International Workers' Day. However, it was clear that it was born from the struggle for the eight-hour day. 'In 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions passed a resolution stating that eight hours would constitute a legal day's work from and after May 1, 1886. The resolution called for a general strike to achieve the goal, since legislative methods had already failed. With workers

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  • History Behind Science

    History Behind Science

    While empirical investigations of the natural world have been described since antiquity (for example, by Aristotle, Theophrastus and Pliny the Elder), and scientific methods have been employed since the Middle Ages (for example, by Alhazen, Abu Rayhan Biruni and Roger Bacon), the dawn of modern science is generally traced back to the early modern period during what is known as the Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries.[5] The word "science" comes through the

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  • Tattoo History

    Tattoo History

    This History of Tattoos "Tattoo is a term applied to the practice of permanently marking the skin by injecting or puncturing the dermis and embedding an indelible pigment" (Campbell. N.P). Humans have marked their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years. These everlasting designs: sometimes plain, sometimes elaborate, but always personal have served as status symbols, signs of religious beliefs, adornments and even forms of punishment. "In 1991, the oldest recorded tattoos belong to Otzi

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  • George Washington Could Not Afford To End Slavery

    George Washington Could Not Afford To End Slavery

    In his writings, George Washington felt very strongly that slavery was an institution that needed to be eliminated from American society. However, there were several circumstances that arose following the American Revolution that would prevent Washington from actively pursuing the elimination of slavery during his lifetime. It is certainly plausible that George Washington's personal economic short-comings, forefront in the setting of conflicting political agendas and the nation's revolutionary climate, prevented this founding father from actively

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  • History The Wepon Review

    History The Wepon Review

    History the Weapon By Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. The article "History The Weapon" can be described as being similar to the game "Telephone", in which a phrase/message becomes completely misrepresented as it passes from person to person over a period of time. History, according to the article, is subject to the influences of the historian. It describes many examples of how history can be interpreted so differently depending upon how the recollection benefits specific goals

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  • History Of Swimming

    History Of Swimming

    Swimming was invented before recorded history. Humans discovered how to swim by accident. A person probably fell into the water and struggled to shore using a dog-paddle stroke. There was an Egyptian hieroglyph for swimming dating from 2500 BC. The ancient Greeks and Romans made swimming an important part of their military training programs. There have been known swimming contests that were organized in Japan as early as the 1st century BC. During the Middle

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  • History Of Computers

    History Of Computers

    The earliest existence of a modern day computer's ancestor was the abacus. These date back to almost 2000 years ago. It is simply a wooden rack holding parallel wires on which beads are strung. When these beads are moved along the wire according to "programming" rules that the user must memorize, all ordinary arithmetic operations can be performed. The next innovation in computers took place in 1694 when Blaise Pascal invented the first "digital calculating

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  • History And Philosophy Of Vegetarianism

    History And Philosophy Of Vegetarianism

    Vegetarianism is the theory or practice of living solely on vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. It is practiced for moral, ascetic or nutritional reasons In Western society today meat in many different forms is readily and economically available, yet the current trend shows a growing number of voluntary vegetarians around the world. In the United States, roughly 3 to 4 percent of the total populations are considered vegetarian. The origins of modern day Vegetarian philosophy

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  • History Of Microsoft

    History Of Microsoft

    History of Microsoft My research paper is going to be on whether or not Microsoft should be broken up by the Justice Department. In order to understand what is going on in the trial, you need to know the history of Microsoft. Without knowing the history of Microsoft, there would be no way of forming an accurate opinion of whether Microsoft should be broken up or not. Microsoft first came into existence in 19 and

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  • Oral History

    Oral History

    Nadine Gordimer is a white author who lives in the country of South Africa. She is known for her excellent characters and the vivid details of her books. Her stories are written in the context of her South African experiences. She also writes about the previous challenges of South Africa under apartheid, at a time when society was split by race. South Africa's racial problems began when the white people came and discovered South Africa

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    Submitted: August 29, 2010
  • Ancient Mid-East History

    Ancient Mid-East History

    History, or at least the study thereof, as shown by class, is divided into three specific categories: remembered, recovered and invented--each having their own benefits and downfalls. The main purpose of studying history is to gather information about the past; to see the cause and effects of different situations; to see how this information can be applied to our lives, to understand why and how and others think in certain ways; and thus eventually lead

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  • Us History

    Us History

    Even before the eve of the Revolution, the colonists constantly had the image of independence lingering in the back of their heads. The colonists felt that they were first on a loose leash, and as that leash tightened over the years, the colonists began to understand their true culture and identity. As time passed, the colonists developed a greater sense of their identity and unity as Americans and by the eve of the Revolution, even

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  • Slavery


    The course of human history is marked by appalling crimes. But even the hardened historian is filled with horror, loathing and indignation on examining the record of African slavery. How was it possible? How could it have gone on for so long, and on such a scale? A tragedy of such dimensions has no parallel in any other part of the world. The African continent was bled of its human resources via all possible routes.

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  • Slavery


    The issue of slavery has been touched upon often in the course of history. The institution of slavery was addressed by French intellectuals during the Enlightenment. Later, during the French Revolution, the National Assembly issued the Declaration of the Rights of Man, which declared the equality of all men. Issues were raised concerning the application of this statement to the French colonies in the West Indies, which used slaves to work the land. As they

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  • A History Of English Common Law

    A History Of English Common Law

    The origin of English Common in the 12th century was sparked by the death of King Henry I in 1135. The nephew of Henry I was Stephen, and he was acknowledged to be the rightful king, but the magnates and such had sworn loyalty to Henry's daughter, Matilda. The entire reign of Stephen, which lasted from 1135 to 1154, was spent fighting with Matilda and her French husband. Upon Stephen's death the son of Matilda,

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  • History Of The Roman Empire

    History Of The Roman Empire

    Roman Empire, political system established by Rome that lasted for nearly five centuries. Historians usually date the beginning of the Roman Empire from 27 bc when the Roman Senate gave Gaius Octavius the name Augustus and he became the undisputed emperor after years of bitter civil war. At its peak the empire included lands throughout the Mediterranean world. Rome had first expanded into other parts of Italy and neighboring territories during the Roman Republic (509-27

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  • History Of Coke

    History Of Coke

    Coca-Cola What started out being a nerve and brain tonic and a medical elixir with the help of society over the last one hundred and ten years has turned into over 50 billion dollar business. Now as one of the largest companies in the world the company is operated by Robert Goizueta. The companies' first operator was Dr. John Pemberton who was an Atlanta pharmacist, who mixed the formula in a three legged brass kettle

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  • The History Of Country Music

    The History Of Country Music

    Country music was brought over by the first European settlers. In medieval times, storytelling was a tradition that allowed history to be recorded when few were able to read and write. When the first British settlers came to America, they brought this tradition with them, along with songs that they had learned in Europe. The people who settled the Appalachian Mountains and the West did not have an easy life and their music gave

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  • The History Of The Nutcracker Ballet

    The History Of The Nutcracker Ballet

    The History of The Nutcracker Ballet When we think about The Nutcracker today, we see a memorable story about a girl (Marie) receiving a magical gift at a Christmas party from her mysterious Uncle Dosselmeyer. The gift is a nutcracker. Later that night, the nutcracker ends up turning into a Prince after defeating the Mouse King and saves Marie. Then, he takes Marie to a land called The Kingdom of Sweets where she is greeted

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  • History Of The Internet

    History Of The Internet

    A very common question that often arises is 'When was the Internet developed or invented?" That is a good question, one that is hard to define as it has many multiple answers. The Internet, including the World Wide Web (WWW), is perhaps one of the greatest inventions of our time. Without a doubt, it has had a profound effect on almost every aspect of our lives. The formation and implementation of the Internet has changed

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  • History Of Hip Hop

    History Of Hip Hop

    History of Hip Hop Believe it or not, rap has been around for over 23 years. In fact the first ever rap tune to be pressed on vinyl was "Rapper's Delight", by the Sugarhill Gang in the late 70s. Since then rap has evolved from a fad to a street party. Rap music is an element of a larger culture that encompasses rap, baggy clothing, break-dancing, graffiti, vocabulary and a general lifestyle. This popular culture

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  • Short And Sweet History Of The Beatles

    Short And Sweet History Of The Beatles

    The Beatles to this day are one of the most famous and popular rock 'n roll groups in the world. The Beatles include George Harrison, John Lennon(1940-1980), Paul McCartney, and Richard Starkey(Ringo Starr). All of the Beatles where born and raised in Liverpool, England. John Lennon was considered the leader of the band. George Harrison was the lead guitarist. John Lennon was a song writer, one of the two lead singers, and rhythm guitarist. Paul

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