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Bead Bar Systems Development Project

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The Bead Bar has made a request to replace their current paper management system to a computer management system. The purpose of The Bead Bar implementing a systems development plan is to globalize their products. The Bead Bar is wishing to attract customers from all over the world. By using a systems development plan, The Bead Bar will be able to reach more customers. The Bead Bar should use an Enterprise DBMS to The Bead Bar.

The enterprise DBMS will allow The Bead Bar is a large enough company that an enterprise DBMS will be what they need. Enterprise DBMS's are perfect for organizations, and companies that have multiple locations. The enterprise DBMS can give prices, changes, and inventory information to the different locations. Enterprise DBMS runs from one central location, then branches out to the other locations. They can connect directly to the company's websites to give the information needed to run the business such as item prices and inventory levels.

The Network Model or the Codasyl is the best model for The Bead Bar. The Network Model allows data entered to be linked to each other. There are no restrictions in how the data is connected to each other as in the Hierarchical Model. This model is very complicated, but is very flexible. The Bead Bar needs flexibility in their data entries.

There are many benefits of using a DBMS. One benefit of using a DBMS is that the DBMS transforms the data in a way that takes up less space. The user would enter the information and the DBMS would automatically change the information to another format so there is less space taken up. This gives the business more available space for more needed information. Another benefit of using a DBMS is the security that it provides the business. The DBMS settings can be set to control what user accesses what information. This is useful when an employee needs to check a price or sale date of a particular item without allowing the employee access to confidential information. The manager or owner would be able to access any needed information.

We have been working on setting up ideas for a network for The Bead Bar. Each studio will have at least one computer that will be able to have direct contact with the headquarters. Having contact with headquarters will allow for easier tracking of inventory, staff schedules and other vital communications. A network will also allow for mobile communications outside of the offices. Employees that travel will have the mobility to be able to access inventory and contacts. With the use of a network, marketing will also be more efficient.

Employees of The Bead Bar have asked for a network that will allow for many different needs. Meeting the needs of each of the corporate employees will help The Bead Bar work more efficient. With the use of a network, each need of the company will be met. There is a need for accessibility of inventory, contacts, supplies, and many more. Mobility is also a need for some of the employees that travel for the company. With installing a network, the mobility issue will be resolved.

The Bead Bar already has a few computers, but are still using the old pen and paper to keep up with inventory, sales reports, and other information. Vital information from the headquarters, franchise offices and studios could benefit from a network to share the information. Since Mitch travels and is not in the office as much as the other employees are, the use of a laptop or handheld computer would benefit him tremendously. He would be able to keep better track of the inventory, contacts, and sales leads. Julia would like to telecommute so she can spend more time with her new baby. With the use of a network, this would be possible for her without a downfall on the company.

I would recommend The Bead Bar implementing a star topology network. Using the star topology will allow the company to upgrade and add new franchise offices to the network more easily. With the use of the other topologies such as the bus topology and the ring topology, the upgrading and adding other computers to the network would be difficult and expensive. The star topology network will also allow problems to be diagnosed easily.

A wide area network (WAN) should be used to allow for the connection from different locations around the world. Each computer on the WAN will have access the headquarters and will be able to send information such as inventory and sales reports. Franchises and studios will also be able to access needed information from the headquarters.

Even though the bus topology network is used in more business, the bus topology is difficult to add other devices to. The star topology can be upgraded more easily. The Bead Bar wants to add more franchise offices in the future; with the use of the star topology, adding new computers to the network will be easier. Each device is connected to a hub. A hub is the main part of this topology network and is the control center for the network. The hub is responsible for sending and receiving information from other computers in the network.

The star topology is easy to install and upgrade. With the hub being the central communication device, computers that are added to the network will simply need to be connected to the hub. Each device is only connected to the hub instead of other computers in the network. Other topologies connect each device to each other, therefore makes it difficult to upgrade and add new devices too.

If there were a network problem with one of the devices, the only repair that would be required would be that device. Since the star topology connects



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