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Bead Bar Network Paper

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The Bead Bar is in dire need of a well-designed network structure. Each executive of the organization has specific needs for their department. The Bead Bar is steadily growing and requires a complex network capable of handling daily business functions and processes. The current system in place does not allow effective communication between all Bead Bar locations. Bringing in new technology will reduce redundancy and create a more effective business flow, introducing new network topology and architecture. Though there are advantages to a new network there can also be drawbacks, which is typically expected when developing a system, a business must prioritize what is more important.

As it is today, the Bead Bar locations are not connected to headquarters or each other. Particularly, the Bead Bar on Board cannot connect to the organization’s network while on the cruise ship. Headquarters is presently equipped with nine desktop computers and two notebook computers, though the studio locations are only set-up to work with the technology developed for that specific location. If each studio and franchise location is able to connect to one central location, the organization’s productivity will increase. The locations can communicate with each other, perhaps save company documents on the network directory for all to access at any time.

The franchise locations do not have a source of communication with the headquarters warehouse to order supplies from the inventory. Studio locations need not be worried about keeping up with new products or processes, when the new network is in place. Creating a telecommunication system for the organization will eliminate costs associated with maintaining separate computer systems at each location. The wireless capability will enable each studio and franchise the opportunity to limit the wires needed to connect each component.

The network topology that is best for the Bead Bar headquarters is the star topology. The hub will be connected to the main server, which holds all the software applications, network software, printers, and wireless router. The nine computers and two notebooks will be organized in the appropriate office at the headquarters with proper cables, connecting them to the hub as well. The client/server architecture will be best for this type of setup. Dedicating a main server will make it easier for studios and franchises to access the main source of information for inventory, marketing products, financial forms, employee personnel files and other human resource forms needed. Since the Bead Bar is such a small company, the main server does not need to be extremely large and expensive, though the server may take up a large portion of the budget. It will be worthwhile for the Bead Bar to make this choice; it will allow the existing locations as well as new locations to access it as the company grows.

The wireless capability or virtual private network may be the single most important component connected to the network. This component will allow each franchise and studio to access the wealth of information stored at the headquarters. This type of access is possible using a wide area network with satellite capability for the Bead Bar on Board in particular. Bluetooth technology is not necessary for Bead Bar on Board. With a VPN card and wireless capability, the issue of company access should be taken care of. The WANs will allow the remote locations to access the headquarters’ local area network (LAN).

Along with this network



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