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Aqua White Proposal For Mktg Plan

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Essay Preview: Aqua White Proposal For Mktg Plan

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Executive Summary

Aquawhite is planning on launching its teeth whitening and oral care products in Thailand. This marketing plan will offer basic research on the Thailand market including topics of demographics, target markets, product analysis, and recommended marketing strategies. We have analyzed the current market situation based on the limited public access research offered in Thailand. Our consultation also includes Aquawhite's current company profile, marketing mix, competition, distribution channels and positioning in Thailand. Our recommendations are based on research about the general dental hygiene sector in Thailand and theories that we have learned in marketing management. Our marketing team presents our findings in a marketing plan, which is based on the different marketing theories covered in the book Marketing Management by Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller.

Company profile

Smiles, they say, make the world go round. A smile can take you places. A smile is a simple thing. The minimum input, the maximum output. Aquawhite is all about smiles too, and making them brighter. Aquawhite is a pioneer oral care product in India sponsored by Whitening Expressions Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. The company has developed a revolutionary teeth-whitening formula guaranteeing brighter smiles in just 14 days. This product is so unique that it currently faces virtually no competition in the market.

Whitening Expressions is an organization specializing in and committed towards raising oral hygiene standards by offering an avant-garde range of products including mouth rinse, toothbrushes, whitening gel and tongue cleaners, using Aquawhite® as an Umbrella brand.

Aquawhite will not only empower the consumer with a wide spectrum choice but will also give them care that previously, was not available in the market. Constantly striving to excel in all its endeavors, Whitening Expressions leaves no stone unturned to be the leader in the whitening category. Supported by an international product range and efficient management, they are all geared to take the world by storm.

The company vision for Aquawhite "is to make it a market leader and mega brand by next year and ensure that it happens".

Situation analysis

Aquawhite is already established in India. This marketing plan consists of information for the company to start operating in Thailand. Currently in India, Aquawhite products are considered to be number one in this domain. Marketing has been the key development factor for achieving a strong brand and creating product awareness. This resulted in a dominant market position reflecting a significant growth of the customer base. Aquawhite product range covers other essential oral care accessories including toothbrushes, mouth rinse, tooth whitening gel and tongue cleaners.

Market summary

After a slow recovery from the 1997 Asian economic crisis, Thailand became one of East Asia's best performers for the period of 2002-2005. By welcoming foreign investing, the country reported rapid increases in consumption and investment spending. This fact stimulated the GDP growth to 6.17 percent in 2004 and 4.46 percent in 2005 despite a slowing global economy. Thailand had a growing GDP during 2001 to 2003 and decline in 2004 and 2005 (see Figure 1). The decline was caused by drought, a decline in poultry and livestock exports due to the bird flu outbreak and high oil prices. Bank of Thailand Governor Tarisa Watanagas said that "Thailand's forecast for economic growth in 2007 remained unchanged at between 3.8% and 4.8%". This has given the inhabitants more disposable income, which has led to an increase in the demand for in product related businesses. Thailand's strategic location at the crossroads of Asia and its proximity to the region's developing economies has presented the country with a unique opportunity to serve as a regional centre for healthcare, medical care and advances in medical research and development. In recent years, people in Thailand have begun to pay more attention to oral hygiene.

Sales of cosmetics and toiletries in Thailand exhibited strong growth in 2004 with current value sales rising by almost 9%, according to Euromonitor International's research ("ThailandCosmestic ...", 2005). Although there were a few factors deterring the escalating growth such as oil prices, bird flu, and southern turmoil, sales were only affected slightly. The increasing demand for cosmetics and toiletries as well as higher supplies from manufacturers helped drive growth. However, growth in oral hygiene was significantly slower as these products already enjoy strong penetration throughout the country but there is still opportunity for new products in the market. Therefore, to meet the growing demand of teeth whitening treatment, Aquawhite is offering a 14-day whitening gel to meet the needs of consumer.

Figure 1:

Target market

There are millions of potential customers waiting for a new product or idea to make their lives more beautiful. Following is the target markets and proposed strategies for toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, mouth rinse and teeth whitening gel. The market segment for these products will target consumers who are concerned about oral health issues, such as fighting plaque, bad breath, gum disease, personal hygiene and appearance recognized by society. These consumers are known as therapeutic consumers, because they purchase products that make them feel better or provide instant gratification. The main target market for our company is young and adult females who are particularly image conscious. Consumers from these groups purchase products that will effectively deliver cosmetic benefits and in-turn spend more cash for their personal appearance and satisfaction. Aquawhite teeth whitening products are effective, fast acting, safe and convenient products that are designed to serve the consumers desired purpose. This market segment of consumers prefers self- application and convenient methods of use rather than spending a significant amount of money and time visiting dentists.

Market Demographics


Thai consumers are becoming increasingly westernized and affected by trends from Japan, brought about by increased exposure to international fashion and media. This should influence sales of oral hygiene in Thailand with continued fast-paced



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