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Copy Of Proposal

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The health care system here in the United States is currently needing a number of adjustments in order fix the problems that have currently been created. As stated in Wikipedia (2008), "The U.S. spends more per capita than any other nation in the world, but is the only wealthy industrialized country in the world that lacks some form of universal health care" (ΒΆ 3). Health coverage within the U.S. is becoming more expensive, and the increasing costs of health care are affecting all types of individuals such as employers, consumers, and even the government. The population of uninsured individuals alone and the amount of inadequate care within the U.S is a growing concern and is an issue that needs to be resolved.

I envision a health care system within the United States that covers everyone; uses individual choice and performance standards to determine costs; shares the responsibilities of paying for health insurance coverage between individuals and society; and rewards doctors, general caregivers, and facilities for the quality of care provided not the quantity.

Currently within the United States health care system insurance premiums are raising significantly, health care costs are increasing more rapidly than individual pay, benefit coverage is shrinking, and many are living without any form of insurance coverage. Rising costs within the United States health care sector are truly disruptive and are only considered to get worse as our aging population reaches retirement age. With the baby boomer era amongst us, the U.S health system as a whole is going to see a rapid increase in health care spending. The care and proper placement of the baby boomer era is going to create more financial demands amongst the younger working generation, in turn creating a series of even more problems. Implementing an insurance coverage plan that covers everyone equally or at least adequately may be one way of offsetting this dilemma before it occurs.



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