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A Leader

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A leader is one who guides, leads, or isin command of others. Leaders are always looked up to and heldto high standards. Usually there are traits and characteristics one need in order to lead. These are bravery, courage, confidence, determination, and intelligence. I do believe that different characteristics are needed for different leaders in various situations.

An example of a very important and influential leader is Martin Luther King Jr. He fought against segregation and for racial equality, which eventually changed America forever.

Dependability and trustworthiness are the two most important characteristcs nedded in one who follows. In order to be looked at as a good follower, the leader must be completely sure that they can count on you to do your job in the way they ask. Loyalty isanother important trait you will find in a follower.

The best examples I can think of of a group of followers are soldiers. Soldiers in commanded by a leader to go on missions and perform certain tasks and they do this to the best of their ability without asking questions.

When I think of an outlaw, the first name that comes to my mind is Huck Finn. He is the type of person who with no remorse will commit a crime to benefit himself. An outlaw is a fugitive from the law. Huck numerous times did illegal things and then left the place he committed the crime in. An outlaw also must be brave and courageous, but not with good intentions.



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