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A Leader And His Congregation

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Essay Preview: A Leader And His Congregation

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There is an expanding church in Pine Hill that I attend each week. This church is

filled with many great spiritual people who are like family in which you could share your

struggles of life with and then listen to them as they help you get through those struggles.

Our pastor is a loving man too and tries to help people as much as he can. He is like a big

teddy bear, because he is such a warm and comforting man. However, as the pastor of

the church there are certain responsibilities and qualifications that he or she may need.

For example, a good pastor should live his or her life according to God's laws and it

should be noticeable to those in the congregation. A good pastor should also have a

loving and forgiving heart, and be the strong leader of the church. My pastor has all of

these things except the leadership skills. A leader is a person or thing that leads; directing,

commanding, or guiding head, as of a group or activity. Based upon this definition I

would say that my pastor does not come even close to matching that description. Even

though I love my pastor he is more of a person who teaches those in the congregation, as a

profession, then to lead those of the congregation as they need to be lead. The

congregation can not stay strong without a good leader.

However, do not take this the wrong way because it is an excellent church overall

and I love going there and participating in many ways. I feel the love from others just

pour over me each and every week that I go to church, but I propose that either one of two

things need to take place to make the church complete. Either the congregation needs to

realize that we need a new pastor who can lead us not just teach us, or we need to tell him

of his problems and then he, if he chooses to, can try to become a better leader so that

maybe we could keep him and become disciples of him.

If the congregation pulls together and deals with this problem than I believe that those

people of the church will benefit because we can get someone who is more of a leader




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