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Refecltion As A Leader

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All throughout life and its journey, many of the most brilliant minds have always pondered on the idea of self identify. At the young age of twenty-two, I know that I have a clear idea and image of who I am, but recently realized the space for much needed growth and development to become an effective leader. Even though I have questioned why I am here, I always seem to find the answer. I know that one of my many purposes in life is to serve and that is the drive the pushes me to fulfill my goals.

Working hard to attain my goals, many values and characteristics that I posses, help me deal and cope with the daily situations of the Pharmaceutical world. Many people may have very low expectations of Pharmacist's, yet the job they do is a critical one. If they perform one mistake, the consequences could be the patient's life. I have been currently working for two years in Publix pharmacy, which has given me many positive and negative experiences, which will help me become an effective leader one day. Having these experiences, I can say that there have been many aspects of this course that have related to many of my everyday situations. I feel that I have obtained the tools needed to effectively change many of the actions I used to carry out.

Being the head technician at my store, I have somewhat of a leadership position in the sense that I see what my peers are doing and I have to make sure they are doing their jobs correctly. I also take care of the drug orders and create my peers work schedules, which is a constant argument and struggle weekly. The main leader in my work setting is the Pharmacist, but I share part of the leadership role in the pharmacy. In my two years of experience, I have always had a very difficult time dealing with people, both co-workers and customers.

Nothing in this course has helped me more than the chapter on managing the nonplayer. As I read each type of individual, I could immediately link the hypothetical individual to someone at my job. Though the book didn't give a particular way of dealing with each type of individual, the detailed break down of each type helped me to understand each individual's characteristics. Looking back before taking this course, I handled things in a very confrontational way. As I slowly read the handbook, I noticed qualities that I didn't like which I was expressing and portraying to my peers. As I exercised these negative actions, I would try to catch myself and do a major effort to change the way I was portraying myself and getting through to my peers. In the past month, I can truly say that I have seen a major decline in problems and arguments in the pharmacy, which is amazing because we are in our busiest and most stressful months. My perception of the way people act has truly changed; I am not taking things personally anymore, which I think is the main message I have taken from this course.

Another responsibility that I share with the Pharmacist is evaluations. In my work setting, evaluations are done every 6 months. Usually I am the main influence in determining peers evaluations,



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