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Hitler A Good Leader

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Hitler - A Great Leader

In my opinion, being a good leader firstly he should be able to take full advantage of favorable circumstance, able to rule the country under a chaotic situation. Besides he made attractive promises to gain popular support, skilled in using of propaganda, amoral. Moreover he should have the organizational ability and has the ambition to make his country powerful in the world. In addition, he could use his words to twist and manipulate the minds of people into believing that what he was saying. Using this power, he could get people to do anything for him, which prove his amorality. He should be skillful in carry out successful policy to bring the country to economic prospect, since economy is very important to a country.

I think Adolf Hitler is the one. Adolf Hitler was one of the 20th century's most powerful dictators. He was responsible for World War II and the death of millions. Hitler saw a nation in despair and used this as an opportunity to gain political power. He saw a nation of unemployed and hungry citizens and promised them economic prosperity in return for absolute power. Someone once said "The Nazis rose to power on the empty stomachs of the German people". Although he did not live a very long life, during his time he caused such a great deal of death and destruction that his actions still have an effect on the world nearly 50 years later. I am sure that he is a great leader.

Adolf Hitler joined a small political party in 1919 and rose to leadership through his emotional and captivating speeches. He encouraged national pride, militarism, and a commitment to the Volk and a racially "pure" Germany. Hitler condemned the Jews, exploiting anti-Semitic feelings that had prevailed in Europe for centuries. He changed the name of the party to the National Socialist German Workers' Party, called for short, the Nazi Party. By the end of 1920, the Nazi Party had about 3,000 members. A year later Hitler became its official leader FÐ"јhrer. From this, we can see his potential of being a leader and his development in his propaganda.

In about 1923 Adolf Hitler's attempt at an armed overthrow of local authorities in Munich, known as the Beer Hall Putsch, failed miserably. Hitler, were subsequently jailed and charged with high treason. However, Hitler used the courtroom at his public trial as a propaganda platform, ranting for hours against the Weimar government. Hitler was released from prison after one year. Other Nazi leaders were given light sentences also. While in prison, Hitler wrote volume one of Mein Kampf. This shows how he good at making speech to the people. After Hitler was released from prison, he formally resurrected the Nazi Party. Hitler began rebuilding and reorganizing the Party, waiting for an opportune time to gain political power in Germany. At that time, Germany was already suffering a post-war depression and was greatly affected. Hitler used the suffering of the masses to gain political support. He gained a strong following from the middle class, the workers and the unemployed by promising to improve the economy. As economic conditions worsened, the Nazis gained more support. Hitler staged huge rallies and parades. His speeches called for a strong and proud Germany. He attacked the Jews, making them the scapegoats for all of Germany's economic troubles. His energy on stage and his motivational style of speaking made the masses believe that they were the master race and destined to rule the world. With the fall of Stresemann, the Nazi party became the largest party in the Reichstag. In1933, Hitler was appointed as the Chancellor. This is the evidence of getting people support although there were still many opponents. He promised stability, glory, economic security, the suppression of communism and employment. He satisfied the need of different classes. Actually he is able to take full advantage of favorable circumstances created by the WWI.

After he became the Chancellor, he controlled the mass media and the textbook, all German books, plays, film and art were strictly censored. Also at that time, all German youth had to join the Hitler Youth Movement to learn Nazi ideas. On the other hand, the German workers were forced to join the German Labour Front instead of trade unions. Other religious beliefs were all banned. Moreover, Hitler formed



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