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Servant Leaders

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Servant leaders, in this author's opinion, are motivators who have an ambition to serve and help others even thought it means they will have to sacrifice their own self-interests. They are always a servant first before becoming a servant leader. Because these characteristics cannot be taught, a person must have a natural calling to serve.

Although being a motivator is an extremely important characteristic of a servant leader it is by far not the only common characteristic in a servant leader. The characteristics of a servant leader are extensive. They include but are not limited to the following: The servant leader believes that all people have something to offer. They strive to get the people to "be all they can be." While doing this they, the servant leader, also realize that people may also need help, spiritually, professionally and personally. A servant leader will connect with the people and provide support and guidance when needed.

A very important attribute for the servant leader to have is the ability to "see into the future." As an example one could compare it to playing a game of chess. When a champion chess player is competing in a game of chess he or she is thinking of his or her next move three or four moves ahead, in other words a servant leader, like a chess player should have the capability to foresee the outcome and consequences of each decision. Robert Greenleaf, in his essay "The Servant as Leader" calls it "intuition" or a "feel for patterns" (p 15). Make no mistake, they are not psychics, they are just adept in picking up and interpreting patterns.

Perhaps the most difficult but most important quality the servant leader should have will be the ability to re-evaluate his or her path to make sure the path they have chosen meets the needs of their servants. If the needs are not met,



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