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1450-1650 Turning Point in European History

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The period from 1450 to 1650 can be considered a turning point in European history because of European economic growth, colonization, and greater diversity in religion and culture. If Europe had not had the Age of Discovery, Europe may have perished due to lack of resources. Thanks to Europe’s exploration and colonization of the Americas, Europe was able to gain wealth, desired resources, and they were able to spread their culture and ideas.

        Economic growth in Europe was triggered by the exploration and colonization in the Americas. This was because the French and the Spanish explored the Caribbean and South America and discovered that sugar and tobacco, which were sought after in Europe, grew in great abundance there. The French were also able to bring goods back to France by trading with the natives. The Spanish brought back tons and tons of silver that they made the natives mine from a mountain. The Age of Discovery was such a turning point in European history because if fueled economic expansion in Europe and around the world.

        When Europeans started colonizing the Americas, that solidified their presence in the New World. Once the Europeans colonized certain areas, it enabled other people to come to the Americans and stay there and grow the population. The great population you have in the area, the more power and presence you will have in that area. For example,once the English colonized the East coast of North America, they were able to create trading networks, increase the influence of the crown, and they were able to create a place for of freedom for people of different religions.

        During the period of Europeans’ exploration, people were able to learn about other cultures and religions during their exploration. For example, when the French voyaged to North America, they learned many things from the native americans that were living there. Another example is when the English came to North America. The Native Americans taught them how to grow crops in the unforgiving soil.  

        Europe was only able to spread their ideas and gain wealth because the countries of Europe engaged in exploration and colonization. If Europe had not voyaged to the Americas, then Europe would not have become the dominant world power the became from the weath Europe gained from their exploration and colonization.



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