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Why The Communist Manifesto Is Important To European History

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Essay Preview: Why The Communist Manifesto Is Important To European History

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The Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, is a historical book and is important to understand certain aspect of European history. This book was aimed to introduce a classless society in which is achieved by the lower class people taking over capitalist societies. This is a vital part of the European history curriculum because communism is a big part of many revolutions from many western countries. These Western countries relied on the teachings of this book to succeed. The book, which was considered the most harmful book in the 19th and 20th centuries (Human Events), was a tool for the Soviet Union during the Russian Revolution, a heavy impression on Hitler's views, and a prominent factor in the various "communist" groups coming to power in their countries.

The Russian Revolution of 1917, also known as the October Revolution, was a product of the teachings of Karl Marx and his book. This was the first major happening in terms of communism. Communism's birth. This book actually predicted a revolution between the lower class (proletariat) and the upper class (bourgeoisie). Vladimir Lenin was one of the driving forces of the communistic movement. The other, was Joseph Stalin, who took over for Lenin when he died. Stalin used Marx's concepts to make his points and lead the Soviet Union after the revolution. Stalin based a lot of his practices off of Marx's teachings and incorporated them into what is now called Stalinism. It is crucial for this book to be a part of the teaching of history because of its powerful impact it had on the Russian Revolution, but most especially, the people of Russia.

Another reason that the Communist Manifesto is important to historical studies is because the educative teachings the book possessed was implemented in Adolf Hitler's reign. There are many similarities that Hitler and Marx shared, most likely because of Hitler's understanding of the book. Some of these similarities are as follows. Marx wanted to free the Jewish part from society, as did Hitler. Marx wrote an essay with an expression stating "Jewish question" in the title. Also,



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