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  • Paley's Argument From Design, And Hume's Counter-Analogy

    Paley's Argument From Design, And Hume's Counter-Analogy

    Hume's counter-analogy does not succeed in undermining Paley's argument from design. Paley clearly explains to his reader that humans are so complicated that we must have been made by a designer. Hume argues that since the universe is not a human art, and is more like an animal, it does

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  • Paper


    Conditional Statements • Conditional Statements: Are defined as “If then” statements or p->q -If being the hypothesis and then meaning the conclusion. - An example of this type of statement would be : “If two angles are congruent then they have equal measures.” -If being “two angles are congruent” and

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  • Paper On Mills

    Paper On Mills

    I decided to write my paper on Mill for two main reasons. The first deals with happiness and virtue and his take on these things. I would first off like to state my disagreements with his ideas and then I will speak of my agreements. Mill contends that a less

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  • People Power

    People Power

    Like Thomas Hobbes, John Locke discusses the idea of the commonwealth, or as he more frequently titles it political or civil society. Locke believes that man is born with a title to perfect freedom. This concept of freedom is a power given by the law of Nature to man for

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  • Perception: An Illusory Clarification Of A Dualist Perspective

    Perception: An Illusory Clarification Of A Dualist Perspective

    Perception: An Illusory Clarification of a Dualist Perspective The fact that we regularly incur perceptual illusions allows for several inferences to be made about both the nature of the mind as well as what we perceive to be reality. The word in itself is actually misleading; derived from the Latin

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  • Personal Identity And Survival

    Personal Identity And Survival

    Personal Identity And Survival In Parfit's writings on personal identity he attempts to explain the idea that one's personal identity is not the same thing as one's survival. First, I will examine how Parfit comes to this conclusion and provide some examples from his text. Next, I will attempt to

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  • Personal Speech

    Personal Speech

    (Clears Throat) Good evening everyone, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tyler. I’ve known Franny since high school. We met through soccer and had plenty of time to get to know one another on the bench. Shortly after that I lost some weight and Franny

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  • Personhood


    What makes a person a person? Does a fetus qualify? I'm asking for people just to work hard to get some clarity on this issue. It's not that hard. If I've heard this once, I've heard it a dozen times: "This is a difficult issue. It's a confusing issue. It's

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  • Pesrpective - Bias Is Inevitable

    Pesrpective - Bias Is Inevitable

    Rutland 2 An examination into the existence of thought began with the Socratic philosophers including Aristotle and Plato. It is a question that was delved into much deeper by great thinker such as Descartes, Heidegger, Husserl, and Gadmer. The questions of knowledge that will be focused on here include the

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  • Pestalozzi’


    Pestalozzi’s relevance today can only be determined by seeking to interpret the salient events in his life as a man and educationist in the light of today’s concerns. This helps early childhood development educators rediscover the dreams and illusions that accompanied the emergence of educational thought. But, above all, it

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  • Peter Principle

    Peter Principle

    Jamal Madison journal entry People experience the Peter Principle everyday. In the job field there will be a time when you reach your level of competence. Unfortunately, my level of competence was reached in basketball, during my senior year of high school. The Peter Principle showed me how good I

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  • Peter Singer

    Peter Singer

    Peter Singer’s famine relief argument is that suffering and death from lack of food, shelter, and medical attention are very bad things, which we could all agree on. He then goes on to say “if we can prevent very bad things from happening, without sacrificing something of comparable moral value,

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  • Petrosky


    To Engineer is Human Reaction Essay Facts: Through out history, man has been faced with constant failures, some more spectacular than others. Henry Petroski, author of To Engineer is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design, discusses some of the more recent major engineering failures of his time. Some

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  • Phaedo


    The philosophical debate begins as Socrates states that a true philosopher "has reason to be of good cheer when he is about to die", although suicide is not acceptable. Cebes is confused by what seems to be a contradiction because for those who would consider death a blessing, cannot take

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  • Phil / Pas 516 - Cornel West's Pragmatism

    Phil / Pas 516 - Cornel West's Pragmatism

    Fitzhugh Mullins PHIL/PAS 516 Dr. Masolo 10/8/15 The Ethos of Pragmatism Cornel West has proven to be one of the most influential intellectuals of our time. As an African-American he has been a model citizen for his community, constantly striving for the betterment of all African-Americans. One such way he

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  • Phil 106 Final Exam Review

    Phil 106 Final Exam Review

    PHIL Final Exam Review Exam Topics: 1. Sexual Orientaion and Same-Sex Marriage White, 79-81 Kennedy, 82-86 Kurtz, 102-105 Koppelman, 106-111 Gallagher, 112-118 2. Abortion Thomson, 297-306 Beckwith, 333-341 Warren, 307-317 Marquis, 318-326 Pruss, 342-349 Hobbes, 261-265 Locke, 266-272 Mill, 282-285 3. War Aquinas, 427-428 De Vitoria, 429-431 Grotius, 432-437 Clausewitz,

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  • Phil 170 - Bhagavadgita Paper

    Phil 170 - Bhagavadgita Paper

    Lis-Planells Monica Lis-Planells 10-15-17 PHIL 170 Mr. Matt Bhagavadgītā Paper Introduction In the Bhagavadgītā, Krishna- or the Gītā- explains what the paradox of action is and how to be liberated from Samsara through this paradox. In this paper I will demonstrate how the Gītā’s own words are the best philosophical

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  • Phil 170 - Soctrates

    Phil 170 - Soctrates

    Monica Lis-Planells 09-09-17 PHIL 170 Mr. Matt Socrates paper Introduction In the Euthyphro, Socrates asks Euthyphro what is the meaning of piety and moreover, what are the criteria to see what acts are considered pious. In this essay I will demonstrate that together the subjective and the objective arguments hold

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  • Phil 230 - the Sexual Values of College

    Phil 230 - the Sexual Values of College

    Research Paper #2 Jasmine Fells PHIL 230 Professor Nattania 05/04/2016 The sexual values of college are being challenged daily. Students, male students mostly, are looking to have a memorable college experience with includes everything from alcohol to sex. Listening to people talk about the perception of college experience, hook ups

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  • Philippa Foot: Negative And Positive Rights

    Philippa Foot: Negative And Positive Rights

    Philippa Foot, Emerita Professor of Philosophy at the University of California at Los Angeles, has been studying and writing about the moral implications of killing someone versus letting someone die for many years. She also explains to us the difference between the negative and positive rights of a person and

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  • Philosophical And Political Aspects Of Lord The Flies

    Philosophical And Political Aspects Of Lord The Flies

    Philosophical and Political Aspects of Lord the Flies Is easy enough to make a broad generalization about philosophical, political or even religious interpretations on each book ( even if we consider religion in some way vinculated to philosophy), but in reality the issue is an extremely complex one. It would

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  • Philosophical Ethics - Do Animals Have Rights or Not?

    Philosophical Ethics - Do Animals Have Rights or Not?

    Philosophical Ethics Do animals have rights or not? The simple answer to me is, no. In this paper, I will argue that animals don’t have rights. If animals were to have rights, the same logic should then apply to plants as well, and they should have rights too! I agree

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  • Philosophical Themes in the Dark Knight

    Philosophical Themes in the Dark Knight

    Blankenship 3 Ashlie Blankenship Professor Jarrett LBST-1102-260 2 Aug 2015 Philosophical Themes in The Dark Knight Throughout the history of film, there have been many movies made that have dealt with philosophical issues. Many of the issues involved in these movies are reality versus non-reality, free will versus determinism, morality,

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  • Philosophy


    I do not believe that it is ever ethically justified for physicians to give lethal injections to people, whether it is active or passive. Allowing physician assisted suicide (PAS) would cause people to have less faith in physicians. However, the issues that surround PAS are not only about death, they

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  • Philosophy


    Metaphysics: Since physics actually means the physical world; Meta involves the non-material world, such as the mind and spiritual brief. According to Encarta Encyclopedia, "Metaphysics," is a branch of philosophy that entails the "nature of ultimate reality" (p.1) According to the Hummingbird N Company's, "The Metaphysical Sciences," the dictionary defines

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  • Philosophy


    Philosophy is a field of study that includes diverse subfields such as aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, logic, and metaphysics, in which people ask questions such as whether God exists, whether knowledge is possible, and what makes actions right or wrong. The fundamental method of philosophy is the use of reasoning to

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  • Philosophy


    Philosophy With professional and personal recreation the participant is using their time so the activity should be worth the time that they are spending. Both professional and personal recreation should include trying to achieve a goal, having a very enjoyable time, and be challenging to the body, mind, or both.

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  • Philosophy


    The definition of philosophy that was used, "the love of wisdom," really opened my eyes to what is in store for me (and every other student) in the next three months in this class. I am eager to learn about all aspects, both positive and negative, of Western religions all

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  • Philosophy 365: Biomedical Ethics

    Philosophy 365: Biomedical Ethics

    February 13, 2014 Philosophy 365: Biomedical Ethics Section 1 Position Paper #1 Dr. Lewondowski should recommend Mr. Kagawa to speak with the cardiology consultant. Though it will cost Dr. Lewondowski’s budget to call in a specialist, not doing so could cause Mr. Kagawa to lose the trust he has in

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  • Philosophy Case

    Philosophy Case

    Everyday society has to make decisions whether it is from what they will wear that day or to what they will cook that evening. But only very few have to make very serious decisions such as the choice engineer Bill has to make. Bill is faced with the ultimate burden

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