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Essay Preview: Politics

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Essay question number 2.

I. Intro

a. There is no world police but states do take certain measures in order to approach and control a large range of issues. Three main ways in which the world deals with issues are the ICC, UN peace keepers and peace makers, and lastly the world deals with problems with Bretton woods framework

II. First paragraph

a. ICC

i. international criminal court" set up to solve war crimes internationally- hope that ICC will be a deterrent for countries doing war crimes.

ii. Problems with the ICC includes global jurisdiction- and the necessity for countries to let down their sovereignty. US not involved- minuses to being involved = infringement of sovereignty- manipulated because of anti American sentiment Ð'- ICC could become a tool of American adversaries.

iii. Pluses to joining the ICC = U.S. provides cover- costs are shared economic/political, the costs become more global increases legitimacy.

iv. Even with the U.S. not involved Ð'- the ICC is one way in which the world trys to deal with global issues

III. Second Paragraph

a. UN peace Keepers/makers

i. Blue Helmets-(un forces) UN- national troops on border- a buffer between two parties. One form of peace keeping

Mandate- observe and report any violations of the truces- usually No fighting- in Egypt- 40 yrs peacekeeping has been going on- longest ever-

Historically with peacekeeping there's an agreement between both parties. Nowadays that doesn't necessarily hold true- UN forces neutral-

ii. Congo- 1960- UNOC- un operation in the congo- when un asked to leave by four factions it refused- because no one of four controlled area- they didn't have sovereignty. So operation lasted till 1964- almost destroyed UN because in order to successfully keep it they had to become a player in the issue- get involved break all their old rules.

iii. UN peace keepers derive authority- get their mandate

IV. Bretton Woods Framework

a. place where forty four countries met and produced the international organizations-

b. the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which helped countries with their currencies,

c. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) or also known as the World Bank

d. as well as the General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (GAH) which allowed countries to come together negotiate free trade.

V. Conclusion

Essay Question Number 3.

I. Introduction

a. Talk about how the world is quickly changing due to globalization- three effects- one effect is the development of the WTO or world bank or IMF, and the great affects which are shown through China and Indonesia.

II. First paragraph

a. Globalization is The process of increasing integration



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