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Once I completed the ranking of each survey and reviewed the rules of the essay found that I had to link the value systems in two categories: value systems that received over five points and value systems that received less than five points. By my own design, I was approached with a bit of a problem. All of the value systems received over 5 points; in fact two of the systems received nine.

Did I not read the assignment properly, was my thought process a little scattered. Though this may sound somewhat contrived, it really is not. My belief is that when viewing this on a broader scale, yet keeping it personal, one can be in some agreement with the many if not all of the views.

Really, taking into consideration that many of value systems are predated, if one had placed themselves at the time each value system had seen its height then it very well could have made sense. For instance, that when looking at the ideals of a Puritan-Pioneer System, which still exist today (in much more segregated areas), at the time they were developed they made sense. They were not fundamentalist; they had escaped persecution and where in a sense, cleansing their lifestyle of the turmoil and corruption of the English system. Their values may have made sense at that time, if I had lived then and went through the trials they had.

Rather then narrowly looking at the value systems, in almost a very shallow way, one must take a broader approach to analysis. As times passes we must consider that values progress as well. Though there are usually core values of each that will remain many of the ideals are assimilated into a more modern and dynamic version that would fit with the beliefs of the time they were created.

I would say that my personal beliefs are very modern. In order to be opened minded to others one needs to consider the past present and the future; how ideals progress and mutate, almost, into something else.

Since the outcome led to all of the value systems being



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