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The Metaphysics Of Globalization

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The metaphysics of globalization Ð'-

There is famous South American saying Ð'- the world is very small people meet at the turn of the handkerchief . it may not look very intelligent thing to relate the notion of the magnitude of the globe with enhanced chances of sharing world resources .but the phenomena a it were is not merely spatial entire objective phenomena has full eleven odd dimensions and most of them are free from all spatial conditioning .

rapid mass communication specially internet as an inevitable means of communication has rendered globalization as the most consistent solution to the problems which had been haunting human kind right since the days when men used to travel with wrong maps and faulty compasses Ð'-

Most of the information gathered then was insufficient and erroneous .But globalization even if it were to be an unavoidable can not be free from the fallacies of subjective conditions that manifest at various levels like continent , nation, state region so on and so forth . There is a teaching of some great Tibetan mystic that just as a man who has a hard water well in his court yard would drink fresh water from the well of his neighbor may serve as an apt rationale of globalization.

Ayam nijah paro veti ganan laghu chetasam udar charitanam tu vasudha ev kutumbakam

Men of congested and narrow hearts are obsessed with the notion of mine and thine Ð'-for great souls entire earth is a family [Mahabharata]

All true but what if the neighbor is unwilling to share his fresh water? Fresh water in the parlance of globalization can be anything from scrupulous resources to cultural refinement and affluence.

The anomalous distribution of world assets prevents globalization from materializing so easily. When we ponder over the phenomena of globalization we can fragment it into small fractions and analyze them separately -

Economic , scientific, cultural , educational or political Ð'- globalization Ð'-requires a detailed statistic surveying and efficacious implementation . this being a totally anthropocentric process entire human kind will have to be evaluated from a holistic stand point . It may require as it were a Herculean effort to get over the impediments of this venture .biggest among them is the blatant and chauvinistic adherence to subjective preoccupations arising from -a faulty self centric approach .

UNO , a world government or the mystic theory of one universal administration are certain promising agencies of accomplishing this end .various human faculties are synergistically well coordinated Ð'-but still how can the ubiquitous gap that separates the first world from the second one and the second one from the third one can be bridged so easily . It may not be possible for our affluent neighbor s to share his pie with his developing or under developed faction of human kind. The process of globalization requires the lubrication of self denial and pure humanitarian values from the affluent end ,

A curbing of the craving for expensive and sophisticated but pragmatically least important technology say for example nuclear and silicon technology. Third world is totally dependent on the first , for it's resources and be prone to imitating the developing one as the paradigm of develop ment .this may not be so easy to be unified. Globalization as a spontaneous process is not sufficiently speedy it does require the acceleration and catalyzing of well devised and intelligently implemented programs .This all depends on the sincerity and commitment of responsible nations but unfortunately most of them are yet to rise above their subjective adherence and conceive of the entire globe as their unified domain for implementing humanitarian values.. This certainly does not require any preceding of jihad till doom or repetition of some particular revolution.

Indian cosmogony is also same as we have else where in the world, i.e. solely dependent on the authority of the revelations for the evidence in supernatural, paranormal and supernormal phenomena . the only specialty is that concept of creation or the universe as a whole ceased to be any oval golden egg-hiranya garbha ,instead it evolved into an ontologically well defined categorical form and entities lying closer to the source like mind reason heart and ego or nature were more Ð'''sentient than the far flung elementary constituents of the objective phenomena like water or earth . The source of creation as shri arobindu puts it must be found beyond nature and not within it. That is so say this require a systematic transcendence of the objectivity .effect is always grosser and restricted that the cause and vice versa so it is not consistent to cognize the substratum of the cognitive function through the process of cognition. This is the threshold where metaphysics and mysticism meet. The transcendental substratum alone can, as it were contain the objectivity in toto.t here is no partial or fragmented evaluation of the phenomena or the power and process of the phenomenal evolution. Scientific thought though unquestioningly authentic evidence in modern times Ð'-lacks in two criteria of competence for being philosophically consistent Ð'-firstly the virtue of being the final word.

Scientific knowledge is a dynamic phenomena Ð'-plus ultra ! is the marching impetus for science stagnant scientific thought will be the history of science an not science . Galilean then Newtonian then einsteinium and now new adments in the subatomic physics prevent scientific thought from being a final word preceding one stands refuted and new theories substitute them. So



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