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  • Spain And England

    Spain And England

    In 1492 the colonization begun with the arrival of Christopher Columbus to one of the Caribbean island, the Spanish people wanted to find China to get an cultural exchange but instead they found a unknown land fill of people that received them with arms wide open, the Spanish were fascinated

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  • Spam War

    Spam War

    Analysis of Warfare Spanish-American War Location: Caribbean Sea: Cuba, Puerto Rico; Pacific Ocean: Guam, Philippine Islands Dates: April 25-August 12,1898 Causes Long range - Spain relinquished all claim of sovereignty over Cuba, cedes Puerto Rico, Guam, and other islands to the U.S., and cedes the Philippines to the United States

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  • Span American War

    Span American War

    The Spanish-American War The Spanish-American War was a war between America and Spain. The war lasted about 3 and a half months and finally ended on August 12, 1898 when Spain finally surrendered. There were many factors that led to the Spanish-American War, one of them being the sinking of

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  • Spanish American War

    Spanish American War

    Imperialism and the Spainish American War Reading вЂ" Secondary Source (From The Library of Congress, Hispanic Division) Introduction On April 25, 1898 the United States declared war on Spain following the sinking of the Battleship Maine in Havana harbor on February 15, 1898. The war ended with the signing of

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  • Spanish American War

    Spanish American War

    Miltarily speaking, the Spanish-American War of 1898 was so brief and relatively bloodless as to have been a mere passing episode in the history of modern warfare. Its political and diplomatic consequences, however, were enormous: it catapulted the United States into the arena of world politics and set it, at

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  • Spanish Colonization

    Spanish Colonization

    Raghav Bhatia Professor Farless AMH2010 12 February 2016 Spanish Colonization The Spanish built up a broad and expound domain in the Americas, covering the whole western shore of South America, all of Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and parts of the United States, including New Mexico and Florida. After defeating

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  • Spanish-American War

    Spanish-American War

    During the Spanish-American War, Colonel Theodore Roosevelt led a charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba as one of three major battles during the war. The charge consisted of two African American regiments and Roosevelt’s band of Rough Riders. The forced had to make their way uphill against the downward

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  • Special Interest Groups

    Special Interest Groups

    Special Interest Groups Special interest groups although, a definite element in today's politics seem to pollute political water ways with unjust policies and excessive spending. An interest group is more or less an organized group of individuals that seek political advantages through lobbyist tactics. Although, special interest groups can be

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  • Speech on American History

    Speech on American History

    This is a speech on american history. Describe a specific example of editing from one of the texts you have studied this year. (3 marks) Slow motion is employed throughout the film American History X (Tony Kaye) to construct the influence Dereck’s (Edward Norton) actions have on his younger brother

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  • Speed Dating

    Speed Dating

    Speed dating is today a social and commercial phenomenon among other ways to find a mate in our busy and global society. It paradoxically began in 1999 with the Rabbi Yaacov Deyo who invented this system to allow single Jewish men and women to meet in a safe, chaperoned environment

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  • Spice And Flavor Industry: Purpose To Production

    Spice And Flavor Industry: Purpose To Production

    "We live in a world where lemonade is made from artificial flavoring and furniture polish is made from real lemons," said Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman. Throughout history, the spice industry has evolved from primitive humans flavoring meat with leaves, to multi-billion dollar companies injecting chemical compounds into common

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  • Spies In The Civil War

    Spies In The Civil War

    Spies during the Civil War There has been a lot of research into the Civil War Era. Between battles, politics, and the brother versus brother mentality of the war, many people fail to realize another aspect of war, spies. Spies have played a critical role throughout all of history, regardless

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  • Sponsorship In Nascar

    Sponsorship In Nascar

    Sponsorship in NASCAR The NASCAR world has not always been filled with the familiar sponsor names like that of Craftsman, Nextel, GM Goodwrench, Kelloggs, Home Depot, DuPont, Budweiser, and M&M’s. Back during the early days of racing before there was any sort of governing body like NASCAR, the sport of

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  • Spooky Woods

    Spooky Woods

    Once upon a time, there was a woodcutter called Bob. He used to cut trees at a place called Spooky Woods. Spooky Woods was a remote place located five kilometres where Bob lived. It was a creepy place, but Bob was used to its strangeness. He normally goes there at

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  • Sports Of The 1920s

    Sports Of The 1920s

    The 1920’s was the heroic era of American Sports. A heightened interest in sports started growing in the public a sudden emergence for them was arose. The major athletes in this decade were Babe Ruth, the greatest baseball player who ever lived, Red Grange, known as the �Galloping Ghost’, and

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  • Sss


    Summary A close friend of Augustine’s, whom he had persuaded to become a Manichee, falls seriously ill, and while he is unconscious, his family has him baptized. He seems to recover, and Augustine jokes with him about the baptism, but his friend will not listen to his jokes. When his

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  • St Bartholomew Day Massacre

    St Bartholomew Day Massacre

    In the latter half of the 16th century, France was torn by a religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants, called Huguenots, which mainly referred to French Calvinists. Catherine de Medici, the mother of the young king Charles IX hit upon a plan to finally exterminate the Protestants; she proposed that

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  • St Clara University

    St Clara University

    St. Clara University Jakob Johnson The Archaeology Research Lab is all about preserving Santa Clara’s historical past. The Archaeology Research Lab is a University funded institution. People have occupied the area in and around Santa Clara University for thousands of years, and in the last 20 years, thousands of artifacts

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  • St. Augustine

    St. Augustine

    Saint Augustine of Hippo Theologians, Biblical scholars and Christians all over the world often wrestle with two extremely important questions about their faith. These questions are, "What is God like?" and "How should we live in response to God?" Some feel that we need others to direct us, some

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  • St. Valentine'S Day Massacre

    St. Valentine'S Day Massacre

    St. Valentine's Day Massacre The 1920's was a decade marked with lawlessness. There was plenty of money to be made, and after the National Prohibition Act, everyone wanted a piece of the action. Two gangs went head to head for control of the lucrative illegal alcohol business. One group was

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  • Stalin Changes (Incomplete)

    Stalin Changes (Incomplete)

    Joseph Stalin is one of the most talked leaders in world history. Between 1928 and 1941 he transformed Russia to a dominate European power. Stalin was the head of Russia Bolshevik party. He was dictator of the Soviet Union from 1924 until his death . He used brute and excessive

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  • Stalingrad


    Stalingrad During World War II, Stalingrad was a strategically located industrial center for Russia. The production of this city included many vital needs of the Russian defensive efforts. The city was a vital German objective in World War II. The Germans knew that if they could conquer Russia the war

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  • Starry Night

    Starry Night

    Talks about factors that contribute to violence in young people. Some of these factors include depression, drugs, anxiety, parental neglect, access to lethal weapons and instructions on how to make bombs, video games, and movies. The main factor spoke of is violence in the media. Katz, Jackson and Jhally, Sut.

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  • States V. Feds

    States V. Feds

    One of the most important cases pending before the Supreme Court this term is Printz v. United States. On the surface, Printz appears to be a gun control matter because it involves a constitutional challenge to the hotly debated Brady law, but the underlying issue transcends the debate over gun

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  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine

    An engines horsepower, in its most condensed definition, refers to the amount of horses it would take to perform the same function. At mankind’s present level of dependence on technology such a concept seems absurd, but at the beginning of the 17th century the literal equation of horsepower was used

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  • Stephen A. Douglas

    Stephen A. Douglas

    Stephen A. Douglas was born in Brandon, Vermont on April 23, 1813. His father, a young physician of high standing, died suddenly when Stephen was two months old, and the widow with her two children retired to a farm near Brandon. This is where Stephen lived with her until he

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  • Steps To The Revolution Starting At 1763 -1775

    Steps To The Revolution Starting At 1763 -1775

    Steps To The Revolution Starting At 1763 -1775 One of the most significant events in American History was the Revolution. Prior to 1763, which was the beginning to the road to the Revolution, America and Britain were on good terms. The British helped America to try and defeat the Indians

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  • Stereotyping Women In The Media

    Stereotyping Women In The Media

    Stereotyping Women in the Media Throughout history when we think about women in society we think of small and thin. Today's current portrayal of women stereotypes the feminine sex as being everything that most women are not. Because of this depiction, the mentality of women today is to be thin

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  • Steve The Conqueror

    Steve The Conqueror

    Picture of William I Detail of an image of William I by George Vertue (1648-1756) The Royal Collection © 2006, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II View large picture WILLIAM I 'THE CONQUEROR' (r. 1066-1087) Born around 1028, William was the illegitimate son of Duke Robert I of Normandy, and Herleve

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  • Steven Hatfill: Innocent, Yet Accused

    Steven Hatfill: Innocent, Yet Accused

    The most devastating result of the 2001 anthrax attacks is the lack of consequences for those persons responsible. There has not been enough evidence discovered or presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, to adequately declare exactly who is responsible for the anthrax attacks. Regardless, there has been

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