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John Adams: The Rule Of Law And The Rule Of Men

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Essay Preview: John Adams: The Rule Of Law And The Rule Of Men

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As a result of an article called "Massachusettensis, which was a Loyalist view regarding independence, Adams wrote letters responding to the point of views that this article reflected. During 1775, independence is a huge topic of discussion. The topic of independence is discussed during the First Continental Congress, which was held in Philadelphia. During this important meeting they discuss and argue about ideas of becoming a free and independent body apart from Britain. One of his letters is mentioned in the Annals of America, which is article number seventy located on page three hundred and eight in volume number two. This article is written by John Adams, and is titled "The Rule of Law and the Rule of Men."

In his article, Adams debates if Parliament has the right to regulate trade between America and Britain. If America is part of Britain, then America should have a voice in Parliament. As America grows the ratio between Britain and America regarding representation in Parliament would give America more members because Britain is already full in capacity in the land they have. America's territory is so much bigger than Britain which is why this would back up the need for independence.

Controlling the ocean between the two lands has become another argument of control. If America could maintain their own ports along the banks of the ocean then smuggling would begin to decline because actions would be made by the American courts instead of having the trial under maritime courts led by Britain. The Whigs want the Tories to be caught in their act of smuggling. If this would happen, then the Tories would lose not only money but their place in society making the Whigs happy.

The Massachusettensis considers America "part of the British empire, subject to the supreme power of the state, which is vested in the estates in Parliament." Britain should have been regulating and governing over America since the first colonies were developed. Since they have given America time to operate by themselves, America does not think that Britain should tell them what to do. The consequence of this rebellion is war.

If America should be part of Britain, then British parliament should hold a session in America once every quarter since representatives from America would need to go all the way to Westminister. Parliament needs to let America handle all matters in America but continue to regulate trade. Trade, control, and power are the main issues that spur the arguments and debates between Adams and the letters from the Massachusettensis. If both sides will never agree on these issues and never gain peace between sides then Great Britain will in the end lose the colonies.

When comparing the struggle of independence between America and Britain, the same struggle and be found in parents and their children. As the child grows up the need for independence becomes stronger. The parent cannot let go of the child as an infant because the child cannot take care of itself. But as the child gains more strength and becomes bigger, the thought of breaking



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