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Fighting Words 101

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Essay Preview: Fighting Words 101

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In the article "Fighting Words 101", Jeff Chu questions wither legislators are the

right people to step into action legislating against academic freedom of speech within

college campuses. Chu explains the idea of bills created by professor Bob Hagedorn and

David Horowitz which are to protect both student and teachers right to express personal

views by freedom of speech. Chu then adds how legislators to step into action by using

people such as Ward Churchill, after a controversial speech, as an example of showing

how universities are going too far and losing

touch with the community. Further more

Chu explains how controversial speeches coming from professors and students is an

exercise of freedom of speech, therefore concludes that it should be up to the universities,

rather than the legislators to step in place to decide wither controversial speeches and

discussions are appropriate for their college campus.

I disagree with the idea that legislators should step into action deciding what

students and teachers can say within their college campus. I think its their given right to

exercise their freedom of speech to an extent that is appropriate for others to hear. I think

it is the college's responsibility to decide what is appropriate and what is not, because

college is a school for adults who are capable of choosing what to hear and not to hear as

an individual. I strongly believe that student and teacher's academic freedom should be

protected because removing opposing opinions and criticism teaches nothing to the

students. The idea of having the fear to speak out an individuals opinion causes the

college community become a more biased society towards one side. If legislative took

position to control what is appropriate on college campus, then it takes the tradition of

what college life is all about, which is a student's ability to choose their paths and learn

while perusing them.

Two years ago I had a temporary long term substitute who was fired from his

previous job as a teacher at another school for criticizing president George Bush to his

students during a debated topic. During class we would have political debates relating to

the war in Iraq and the president. The class would be split up in two teams taking turns on




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