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Speech on American History

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This is a speech on american history.

Describe a specific example of editing from one of the texts you have studied this year. (3 marks)

Slow motion is employed throughout the film American History X (Tony Kaye) to construct the influence Dereck’s (Edward Norton) actions have on his younger brother Danny (Edward Furlong). Within the opening scene Dereck opens the door and fires five shots into the man outside, the shooting and Danny’s reaction are both captured in slow motion. Further slow motion portions are interlaced throughout the scene always dealing with Dereck’s actions and Danny’s reaction to the events in order to construct the relationship between the two brothers and emphasise the influence the former holds over the latter.

Use one of the texts you have studied this year to discuss how the production element of acting is used to communicate the genre(s) or style(s) of the narrative. Use specific examples from the chosen text to support your response. (4 marks)

The acting of Edward Norton throughout American History X constructs the genre of a redemption drama. The audience’s first interpretation of his character is a violent and brutal neo-Nazi. This is constructed by his facial expression and mannerisms upon being arrested moments after murdering two black people. He is relaxed in accepting arrest and is proud of his actions demonstrated through his smirk and raising of his eyebrows directed toward his brother Danny. This negative and heartless impression the scene leaves on the audience establishes the seeds for the redemption drama, a genre which is developed by the characters time in prison and Norton’s subsequent acting. Upon being visited by Sweeney Norton breaks down, presenting his character as emotionally unstable for the first time. This display of ‘weakness’ develops sympathy within the audience which his further developed in Norton’s



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