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  • The Mayflower Compact

    The Mayflower Compact

    The Mayflower Compact was signed on November 11, 1620 in what is now Provincetown Harbor near Cape Cod. The Mayflower Compact was the first governing document of Plymouth Colony. It was drafted by the Pilgrims who crossed the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower, seeking religious freedom. The settlers who came

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  • The Meaning Of Freedom In The Age Of Emancipation Summary

    The Meaning Of Freedom In The Age Of Emancipation Summary

    In the beginning of Eric Foner’s essay, he talks of how devoted Americans are to their freedom. Different titles, for example, on history textbooks suggest just this: Land of the Free and The Rise of American Freedom. People on the outside of America looking in find this astonishing. The pride

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  • The Meansure Of A Man (A Closer Look At Five Great Men)

    The Meansure Of A Man (A Closer Look At Five Great Men)

    How does one determine the measure of a man? His accomplishments? His ancestry? His financial worth? Or do we look deep into the heart and soul of that man and determine the weight of his values, his dreams and what he has stood for in the grand scheme of things?

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  • The Mill Industry

    The Mill Industry

    The Mill Industry In modern times clothing and other textile goods are made in factories, most of which are located in foreign countries. Recently, some of the factories have been attracting some not-so-pleasant media attention which got me thinking about America, and how in the late 1700's early 1800's the

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  • The Missouri Compromised

    The Missouri Compromised

    By 1818, the Missouri Territory had gained a large enough population to warrant its admission into the Union as a state. Its settlers came largely from the South, and it was expected that Missouri would be a slave state because of this. Brought before the House of Representatives, James Tallmadge

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  • The Molding Of American Culture: Cocaine 1860-1914

    The Molding Of American Culture: Cocaine 1860-1914

    Cocaine: The Molding of American Culture, 1860- 1914 Cocaine had slowly risen into American Popular Culture, starting with an appeal to the elite class and ending with the Harrison Act of 1914. Employers encouraged the use of the coca leaf among their workers to increase productivity and decrease fatigue. Early

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  • The Molly Maguires

    The Molly Maguires

    Who were the Molly Maguires? Did they really exist? These are questions asked by many people today. Some historians wonder if the Molly Maguires really did bring their secret society from England to the United States, or if the incidents blamed on them were just random accidents on which officials

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  • The Monkey Trial

    The Monkey Trial

    Tennessee vs. John Scopes, later dubbed "The Monkey Trail" illustrates the constant battle between traditionalists and modernists. While this trial made a complete mockery of the Tennessee legal system, and was carried out in a manner that was suitable of a Hollywood screenplay, it demonstrated the never ending battle between

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  • The Most Dangerous

    The Most Dangerous

    The signs of a new threat in northern Virginia emerged ominously in blood-spattered urban streets and rural scrub. Two summers ago the body of a young woman who had informed against her former gang associates was found on the banks of the Shenandoah River, repeatedly stabbed and her head

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  • The Mp3 Controvercy

    The Mp3 Controvercy

    MP3 technology, short for MPEG-1 Layer 3, first appeared on the Internet in the late 1990’s, and as time passed users could retrieve the musical works of artists or groups by accessing a website or file-sharing utility. This not only gave exposure to these musicians, but it also gave smaller,

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  • The My Lai Massacre And Its Aftermath

    The My Lai Massacre And Its Aftermath

    The My Lai Massacre and its Aftermath Resulting from the American fear of spreading communism in South East Asia, the Vietnam War was America's longest and most exhausting conflict. President Lyndon B. Johnson inherited this problem of spreading communism in 1964, and was at first somewhat against the prospect of

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  • The Narrative Of Frederick Douglass

    The Narrative Of Frederick Douglass

    The Narrative described Frederick Douglass’s experience under slavery from his early childhood until his escape to the North. Through his experiences and from the power he gained from educating himself, Douglass progresses from an unenlightened victim of the brutalities of slavery to an empowered and determined man. With his experiences

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  • The Nation Of Islam's Elijah Muhammad

    The Nation Of Islam's Elijah Muhammad

    I am writing about the Nation of Islam's Elijah Muhammad because I'm trying to show how this group strived to amass economic stability, independence and religious freedom under the devout, pious, reverent, and pietistic leadership of Mr. Muhammad. In order to explain how under Elijah Muhammad's guidance the Black Muslims

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  • The National Archives And Records Administration

    The National Archives And Records Administration

    The National Archives is the holding area of the most valuable records and remarkable documents of the U.S. government. In the Exhibition Hall, of the archives building, are the U.S. Constitution, the original Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and other historical documents dating from 1774 to 1790 on

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  • The Native Americans Were Viewed Differently in Franklin

    The Native Americans Were Viewed Differently in Franklin

    Week Four Discussion II Native Americans have been portrayed as the uncivilized savages. Native Americans were considered dangerous and unacceptable to the white man. The good description of the Native Americans they were strong, giving, intelligent, peaceful and willing to make friends with some of the settlers. Native Americans were

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  • The Negative Impacts Of The Harlem Renaissance

    The Negative Impacts Of The Harlem Renaissance

    The 1920's were a period or rapid growth and change in America. After World War I American's were introduced to a lifestyle of lavishness they had never encountered before. It was a period of radical thought and ideas. It was in this time period that the idea of the Harlem

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  • The New Deal

    The New Deal

    Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” is the “sequence of programs and promises he initiated between 1933 and 1938 with the goal of giving reform to the people and economy of the United States during the Great Depression.”1 But what was more explicitly contained in this “New Deal” and what spurred

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  • The New England And The Chesapeake Region

    The New England And The Chesapeake Region

    Although the Chesapeake (Virginia) and New England (Massachusetts Bay) regions were both settled largely by the people of English origin by 1700, the regions had involved into two distinct societies. They both had their own lifestyles, which resulted in some similarities and differences. Some differences of both these regions include

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  • The New Frontier

    The New Frontier

    The term New Frontier was used by John F. Kennedy. It was in his acceptance speech in 1960 to the Democratic National Convention at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as the Democratic nominee. At first it was just to inspire America to get behind him. But then the phrase developed

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  • The New Left: Most Influential School Of Thought

    The New Left: Most Influential School Of Thought

    American history is plagued by three differently focal schools of thought: Progressive, Neoconservative (consensus), and New Left. Because each represents a different time in history, the historical data is interpreted differently. Such is the case for immigration during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Due to the time

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  • The New Women

    The New Women

    The outbreak of World War I resulted in more than mere casualties. As men left their jobs to go into the service, women were needed to "step up to the plate." For the first time, women were called upon to fill factory assembly line positions. With the war' conclusion in

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  • The Nineties Were The Decade Of Unrest

    The Nineties Were The Decade Of Unrest

    People like to remember the nineties as the time when we created such wondrous things such as the internet and affordable computers. As society changed, we also faced unrest that darkened the shining light of technological accomplishment. In the United States, blood was being shed because of this unrest, as

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  • The North: Superior To The South

    The North: Superior To The South

    "In all history, no nation of mere agriculturists ever made successful war against a nation of mechanics. . . .You are bound to fail" -Union officer William Tecumseh Sherman to a Southern friend. The American antebellum South, though steeped in pride and raised in military tradition, was to be no

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  • The Northeast Coast

    The Northeast Coast

    When Sir Hugh Montgomery came in May 1606 all that remained of the town founded by the Normans were the ruined walls of the old priory and the stump of an old castle from the O'Neill era. A town was a good investment for its owner and he received money

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  • The Old South

    The Old South

    The Old South The task system also showed assimilation into the British world, African words an customs survived long in South Carolina than the Chesapeake Newly imported slaves spoke Gullah a 2nd language pidgin language. Gullah bagan with phrases common to many West Africans language. Gradually English words were added

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  • The One

    The One

    Dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel, also the founder of the Nobel peace prize foundation. Dynamite is a mixture of two components, the foremost being nitroglycerin. Nitroglycerin is a chemical compound. It is a heavy, colorless, oily, explosive liquid obtained by nitrating glycerol. It is used in the manufacture of

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  • The Origins Of The Cold War

    The Origins Of The Cold War

    The Cold War was a conflict that dominated the people of Earth for half a decade. The two clashing titans never fought directly with each other on the military level, but both were drawn into conflicts that split the world in to. All of the conflicts of the world, with

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  • The Painter

    The Painter

    Lorri Leigh-Daley John Seed Art 102 M-W 1:30-5:00 7/261/99 Enchanting Times of the Renaissance The enchanting times of the Renaissance a "re-birth" of art in Italy. This was the rediscovery of literature, science and ancient philosophy, and evolution of empirical methods of study in these fields. The increased awareness of

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  • The Paper

    The Paper

    Chinese Space News (May 1998) ________________________________________  [May 31, 1998] ChinaStar Marks 10th Consecutive Successful Launch of Long March Yesterday's ChinaStar-1 launch was the 52nd launch by Chinese Long March rocket and the fourth by a Long March 3B, the country's most powerful launch vehicle. Long March experienced 3 failures

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  • The Party System: Democracy Is Disagreement

    The Party System: Democracy Is Disagreement

    The Party System: Democracy is Disagreement The founding fathers based this country on freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, press, assembly, petition. Freedom to have your own opinion about the founding fathers. Freedom to have your own opinion on how our government should run. So with this much freedom,

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