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Last update: June 4, 2018
  • Lion King The Musical

    Lion King The Musical

    Lion King: The Musical The original Disney cartoon of a lion cub blamed for his father's death has been remade into a Broadway musical acclaimed all over the world. Seen by over twenty five million people in over 15 thousand performances this intricately designed wonder has taken over 37 thousand hours just to build the puppets and masks. Julie Taymor the director and costume designer was faced with a problem of whether to create humans

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    Submitted: September 19, 2010
  • Lion King Analysis

    Lion King Analysis

    Disney's The Lion King has never represented a story about love, trust and personal growth; rather, the animated film documents the harsh stereotypes present in society. At least, that is what critic Margaret Lazarus would have you believe. Her article "All's Not Well in the Land of The Lion King" argues that the movie employs powerful metaphors to misguide and misinform the young audience, citing that "millions of other children [a]re given hidden messages

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    Submitted: October 29, 2010
  • Lion King

    Lion King

    Throughout time there has been at least one constant that I am aware of. That constant is art. One particular piece of art stands out and catches the eye. That piece of art is The Shepherdess and Her Flock constructed and perfected by Jean Francois Millet. When one makes a certain judgment on a piece of art, one must be precise and certain about that judgment. When observing Millet's piece I will take in

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    Submitted: November 2, 2010
  • Lion King

    Lion King

    Looking at Disney's sudden decision to release a special edition of 'The Lion King' on DVD without even a smidgeon of cynicism proves a little difficult. In a year that's seen them inflict the below-par Treasure Planet and toe-curlingly bad Jungle Book 2 upon big screen audiences, this swift re-packaging of one of their considerably more reliable productions smacks ever so slightly of desperation. Nine years after first roaring into cinemas worldwide, this double-Oscar winner

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    Submitted: November 21, 2010
  • Lion King Vs Hamlet

    Lion King Vs Hamlet

    Many perceive The Lion King, Disney's most successful movie to date, as Disney's only original movie; the only movie not previously a fairy tale from one country or another. This, however, is not the case. While The Lion King seems not to be biased on a fairy tale, it is in fact strongly based on the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Disney writers cleverly conceal the basic character archetypes and simplified storyline in a children's

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    Submitted: May 15, 2011
  • The Circle of Life in the Lion King

    The Circle of Life in the Lion King

    Jones Abby Jones Mr. Klobusnik English 11 2 October 2016 The Circle of Life in The Lion King The circle of life is a symbolic representation that illustrates birth and death. It is the idea that life is infinite, meaning if something dies it will give a new life to something else. In the movie The Lion King it greatly exemplifies the circle of life through the death of a character and its effects on

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    Submitted: January 16, 2018
  • King Philips War

    King Philips War

    American History 19 October 2001 King Philip's War: An Exercise In Failure In 16, the Algonquian Indians rose up in fury against the Puritan Colonists, sparking a violent conflict that engulfed all of Southern New England. From this conflict ensued the most merciless and blood stricken war in American history, tearing flesh from the Puritan doctrine, revealing deep down the bright and incisive fact that anger and violence brings man to a Godless level

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    Submitted: August 21, 2010
  • King Vs.Thoreau

    King Vs.Thoreau

    King vs. Thoreau By acting civil but disobedient you are able to protest things you don't think are fair, non-violently. Henry David Thoreau is one of the most important literary figures of the nineteenth century. Thoreau's essay "Civil Disobedience," which was written as a speech, has been used by many great thinkers such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi as a map to fight against injustice. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a

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    Submitted: August 23, 2010
  • Stephen King

    Stephen King

    Stephen King is a well-known and talented horror/fiction author who has published over eleven books in the last two decades. His great stories of horror and fantasy have been enjoyed by kids and adults starting from his first best-seller, Carrie. King's wit and style of writing has made him one of the most popular horror story authors today. Stephen King's life has not been an easy one. he was born on September 21, 1947, in

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    Submitted: August 29, 2010
  • Michael Jackson: The King Of Pop

    Michael Jackson: The King Of Pop

    Many people would pass up listening to the styles of the new/old Michael Jackson, but do you know why? Why do people absolutely refuse to claim they have ever heard his music? Why do parents ban their children's CD selection from some of his greatest hits, like Bad, or Thriller? Why do people hate him? Many reasons of course, some lies, some true, some public..and some private. As the story unfolds, Michael was very

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    Submitted: August 30, 2010
  • King Tutankhamun

    King Tutankhamun

    King Tutankhamun (1343-1325 B.C.) King Tutankhamun lived over 3,300 years ago during a period known as the New Kingdom. This period of time was called the New Kingdom because it was when the pharaohs united upper and lower Egypt into one kingdom with the capital being Memphis near current day Cairo. The reason I chose to write a research paper on King Tut is because he is one of the most well known pharaohs of

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    Submitted: August 31, 2010
  • Valley Of The Kings

    Valley Of The Kings

    It's easy to understand why the Valley of the Kings was not discovered until the 1800's. It is located over a mountain ridge and in a secluded valley, miles from civilization. The Valley of the Kings contains approximately sixty-two excavated tombs, not all of which are royal. Some belonged to the privileged members of nobility and were not decorated. The earliest tombs of such kings as Thutmose I contained stairways, corridors, and right-angle bends; whereas,

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    Submitted: September 3, 2010
  • Critique Of Gilgamesh As A King In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    Critique Of Gilgamesh As A King In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    A Critique of Gilgamesh as a King in The Epic of Gilgamesh There are some characteristics that most great kings have. All of the great kings did not have all of these characteristics, but they had some of them. Gilgamesh did not have many of these traits. Although he was a powerful king, he was not a great king. He had some good traits, such as being a leader, and fighting evil powers. He tormented

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    Submitted: September 10, 2010
  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    To inspire a shared vision you must have certain qualities. You have to make a shared sense of destiny with people. You have to give life to that vision, and you have to make it appeal to the masses. These are only a few ways to recruit other people to your beliefs. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was capable of these things and he inspired millions of people worldwide. Martin Luther King Jr. was

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    Submitted: September 12, 2010
  • Becoming The Third Dimension: Cubism In In The Skin Of A Lion

    Becoming The Third Dimension: Cubism In In The Skin Of A Lion

    Becoming the Third Dimension Images splatter against the viewer's face like a moth on the windshield when gazing at the pigmented speckles dappled along the textured canvas hanging on the wall in the local gallery. Examining the seemingly incomplete picture before them, the viewer may inquire as to the perception of the painted figure from various angles as opposed to the solitary linear image presented by the artist. Mona Lisa's intriguing smile may birth more

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    Submitted: September 12, 2010
  • Stephen King

    Stephen King

    "If you have an imagination, let it run free." - Steven King, 1963 The King of Terror Stephen King is one of today's most popular and best selling writers. King combines the elements of psychological thrillers, science fiction, the paranormal, and detective themes into his stories. In addition to these themes, King sticks to using great and vivid detail that is set in a realistic everyday place. Stephen King, who is mainly known for his

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    Submitted: September 14, 2010
  • Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King Jr. accomplishments Martin Luther King has had many great accomplishments, many in which have affected today's society in many ways. If it weren't for Martin Luther King, many blacks today would still live the lives as slaves, as well as under the harsh rules they used to follow. On December 1, 1960 he joined the Montgomery bus boycott, after Rosa Parks had been arrested. On December 5, he was elected president of

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    Submitted: September 18, 2010
  • O Worship The King

    O Worship The King

    The hymn "O Worship the King" the great hymn that is still being used today in churches. Sir Robert Grant was the writer of this hymn. He wrote this hymn to reflect on how great God is and what great things He does for us. God is very worthy to be worship and praised. Sir Robert Grant brings out many areas of God that would cause us to worship Him. This song is taken

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    Submitted: September 18, 2010
  • Martin Luther King And Love

    Martin Luther King And Love

    It is rather difficult to speak of love in an original sense today. If someone were to ask an individual to define love, a common response would be, "love cannot be explained, it cannot be defined". This answer would be acceptable if love was equally felt for and between all people. But anyone would have to agree to the fact that there are different degrees and levels of love. Someone would not love his or

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    Submitted: September 20, 2010
  • King Louis

    King Louis

    Introduction Perhaps one of the most famous of European monarchs, King Louis XIV ruled France for some 72 years, the longest by any French head of State. It is believed that reign of King Louis XIV was reputably famous as one of 'Absolute government', primarily because the King had his own particular and dominating style of governing the nation. Attaining the powers of a King at a young age of only 5 years, King Louis

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    Submitted: September 23, 2010
  • Oedipus The King

    Oedipus The King

    Oedipus the King In Oedipus the King a story about a rule who is destined to rule the Kingdom of Thebes and murder his own father and marry his mother, a ruler chosen to lead his people by answering a simple riddle, and unsuspectingly chosen to plague a city. Oedipus is a tragic figure; imagine that you have been told that you will kill your father and marry you mother by a divine power, the

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    Submitted: October 3, 2010
  • King Kong

    King Kong

    25 Foot Ape and Slender Women Fall in Love In this remake of a 1933 movie, King Kong is the main attraction in this Hollywood film circus. A crew of filmmakers and actors , led by Jack Black , go to the Skull Island and have adrenaline pumping run ins with local habitants of the island and multiple types of dinosaurs after an adventurous island to island voyage from Manhattan to Skull island. Scenes out

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    Submitted: October 8, 2010
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    Martin Luther King Jr.

    Michael King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in the Atlanta home of his maternal grandfather, Adam Daniel Williams (1863 -- 1931). He was the second child and the first son of Michael King Sr. (1897 -- 1984) and Alberta Christine Williams King (1903 -- 1974). Michael Jr. had an older sister, Willie Christine (b. 1927), and a younger brother, Alfred Daniel Williams (b. 1930). The father and later the son adopted the name

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    Submitted: October 16, 2010
  • Cinematic Elements Of K-Pax Opening Sequence

    Cinematic Elements Of K-Pax Opening Sequence

    The opening sequence of K-PAX begins with an instrumental melody and a black screen. The first image that appears is of a spec of blurred light. The spec of light is similar to the haze one may see around a street lamp. The camera is close-up and blurred. The image is kept on for 3 seconds and then the camera fades out and back into another blurred image of light with dark contrasts. The dark

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    Submitted: October 19, 2010
  • Mr. Luther Kings Letter From Birmingham Jail

    Mr. Luther Kings Letter From Birmingham Jail

    "Martin Luther King Jr.'s letter from Birmingham Jail, which was written in April 16, 1963, is a passionate letter that addresses and responds to the issue and criticism that a group of white clergymen had thrown at him and his pro- black American organization about his and his organization's non- violent demonstrative actions against racial prejudice and injustice among black Americans in Birmingham. King writes the letter to defend his organization's actions and the letter

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    Submitted: October 21, 2010

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