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O Worship The King

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The hymn "O Worship the King" the great hymn that is still being used today in churches. Sir Robert Grant was the writer of this hymn. He wrote this hymn to reflect on how great God is and what great things He does for us. God is very worthy to be worship and praised. Sir Robert Grant brings out many areas of God that would cause us to worship Him. This song is taken out of Psalm 104, where the psalmist is showing the greatness of God. This song was written in sometime during Sir Robert Grant's life. It is in 10:10 meter. The hymn was composed by William Gardiner's Sacred Melodies in 1815 and was arranged from Johann Michael Haydn. This hymn can be found in most all hymn books. It shows a lot of passion for the Lord and really expresses who God is. Like the song says all people need to be in worship of a so great and powerful God.


Sir Robert Grant wrote the hymn "O Worship the King." He had been born in India in 1779, the son of the East India Company's director, Charles Grant, a man associated with the Clapham Sect (a group of evangelical social reformers from Clapham, England). He was a very busy man. It all started in Magdalen College at the University of Oxford where he completed his higher education. He was admitted to the bar in 1807--which meant he could practice law. The following year, the 29-year-old won a seat in Parliament. He did this for many years. Sir Robert Grant was much like his father when it came to social issues. He would fight for man racial groups and gets laws past for them. He also loved world missions and very influential among evangelicals in the Church of England. He also found time to sketch the history of the East India Company.

While all this was going on in his life, he still found time to write a famous hymn. One day as he was reading William Kethe's translation of Psalm 104 in a 1561 psalm book he decided to write his own version. He wrote what many call the greatest hymn in the English language: "O Worship the King." After writing the hymn he went on to take a high position at the East India Company.

As time went on people saw of his goodness and asked him to be governor of Bombay. He accepted in 1834 and with this position he was able to put his concerns of social issues in to practice. He built many new roads to a go along with helping the poverty and spiritual condition of the people. He only held this position as governor for four years and died on July 9, 1838 at the age of 59. The people really grew to love him and were very saddened by his death. Sir Jamshedji a well-known Parsi built a medical college and named it in the honor of Sir Robert Grant. It is now the second oldest medical college in India.


The composer of "O Worship the King" was William Gardiner's Sacred Melodies in 1815 and was arranged from Johann Michael Haydn. Johann Michael Haydn was an Austrian composer, the younger brother of Joseph Haydn. Michael Haydn was born on September



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