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King Kong

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25 Foot Ape and Slender Women Fall in Love

In this remake of a 1933 movie, King Kong is the main attraction in this Hollywood film circus.

A crew of filmmakers and actors , led by Jack Black , go to the Skull Island and have adrenaline pumping run ins with local habitants of the island and multiple types of dinosaurs after an adventurous island to island voyage from Manhattan to Skull island.

Scenes out at sea are reminiscent of the Titanic. Sound effects and Jurasic Parkian type dinosaurs draw the viewer in . Armies of killer ant blood sucking giant ands resemble scenes from The Starship Troopers . The familiar resemblance of three great films mentioned above within this movie on only a short amount of time is both impressive and entertaining.

Then, this high flying act leads you to believe that a 25 foot gorilla (King Kong) inhabiting the island has a thing for Ann Dorrow (Naomi Watts) who is really loved by screenwriter Jack Driscol (Adrian Brody). Kong saves the girl. He is captured and taken back to New York where he is put on Broadway and eventually breaks loose. He finds the girl again and she reciprocates the beastly love. How should one view a love story between a ton ape and a slender woman in a realistic way?

Not in the original film but in this remake , is a romantic ice escapade that Kong and Ms. Dorrow take through Central Park leading up to the inevitable top of the Empire State Building scene.

The brilliant King Kong takes the motion picture as we know it to new levels of unchartered waters by means of an unrealistic hollywoodified romance . "I give you , Kong! "

The film is three hours long and would be more comforting if viewed in a cinema with modern stadium style seating . Perhaps, the producers could have released two films instead . First,



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