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Michael Jackson: The King Of Pop

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Essay Preview: Michael Jackson: The King Of Pop

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Many people would pass up listening to the styles

of the new/old Michael Jackson, but do you know

why? Why do people absolutely refuse to claim they

have ever heard his music? Why do parents ban their

children's CD selection from some of his greatest

hits, like Bad, or Thriller? Why do people hate him?

Many reasons of course, some lies, some true, some

public..and some private.

As the story unfolds, Michael was very famous

from the beginning {of his life}. He started at such a

young age, he doesn't remember much. His

memories are so vague, he can't remember why a lot

of people began hating him at THAT age. Well, one

thing was that his sister's, LaToya, and Janet, weren't

included. In his book, "Moonwalk", written a few

years back, he stated that people would see them on

the streets and shun them, saying they were "sexist

siblings" and "they should let the girls be in the

group." Michael, of course, had no choice in this

whole ordeal, which was hard on him, because him

and Janet got along well, at the early ages. Seeing

and hearing this stuff made Michael very optimistic,

and sensitive on the situation.

When Michael was in the Jackon-5, he had

absolutely no freedoms. He would have late-night

recordings, and would have troubles in school. Most

of his attention from his parents was on the business,

they never gave him the attention he lacked, he was

pretty lonely.

After Michael grew up, and he moved on in his

career out of J-5, he was thought low of to everyone

in the music/movie industry. Brooke Shields once

quoted that he was a "lowly-person, who needed

help", plus some other things that cannot be said.

Jackson did have some people of whom thought

very high of him, Elizabeth Taylor was one of his best

friends throughout the hard stages. He looked up to

her, and vise versa. With the help of her, he got

through the depression of his family members

(LaToya mostly) disliking him, and disapproving of


When Michael realized that his reputation was

not the hottest on the press, he totally gave up on his

self image, caring less on what he looked like, and

began foolish rumors about himself. He use to tell

reporters when they would ask him on his

"transformation to being white" that "his dad beat him

to white." They of course gulped in every bit of

information ever said, sarcastic, or not. They could

turn his life into a big lie. Which was what Michael

was wishing for, so that people wouldn't think of the

other rumors about him.

Jackson was pretty harsh on himself, he had

many rumors about him, some of which are true, and

to this day he isn't afraid/embarrassed to claim them.

In his life, he has had 6 nose jobs. They all ruined his

nose to the point where he had to use putty to

transform the nose that he once had, but was

corrupted by the irritability from the jobs.

He had a undisclosed amount of Face lifts, and

eye jobs. They, of which were in a short period of

time, killed many cells in his face, and made him look

even more pale then usual.

He also had bone grafted cheek bones, he had

this done over and over many times, and he still

wasn't satisfied with his appearance, so he got a

forehead lift. He was finally secured in feeling that it

was a good personal image.

Now, many people find it totally and completely

disgusting and unnecessary. That is why he has a low

image on people who believe that he didn't need all of

these plastic surgeries.

When Michael was going through his depression

stages, he was lonely, and sad. So, he followed

through what his ex-father-in-law did, and he bought a

chimp to keep him company. His Chimps name was

"Bubbles." Michael did everything with it, and it got

famous too. But, as time went on, Michael got worse

in his position, and the chimp was suddenly more




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