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Discussion Group

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ж?'еЂ'Ð'»Ò discussion board Ð*Ñ™„еÐ...ўејЏжÑ"ќйЂљпјЊеЏЇÐ'»ÒÐ*®--ж?ЇÐ'Ñ'ЂеЂ‹ groupе--Ћпјџж â„-ж"Ñ™ Samuel T. Gladding, Ð'Ñ'ЂеЂ‹ group ж?ЇÐ*"±Ðµ...©ÐµÐ‚‹Ð¶?-Ð'»ÒÐ'Ñ'ЉÐ*Ñ™„Ð'Ñ"Ñ"Ð*µ„ж?Ñ'пјЊÐ'»-еЂ'иЃљењЁÐ'Ñ'Ђиµ*Ð*Ñ™„Ð*›®Ð*Ñ™„ж?Їе®ÐŠÐ¶?Ñ'жџÑ'Ð'Ñ"›Ð¶ÐŠ‡Ðµ®Ñ™Ð*Ñ™„Ð*›Ñ'Ð'Ñ"'Ð'Ð...ÑšÐ*"Ёпј›Ð¶?'еЂ'йЂЏйЃЋ discussion board Ð*Ñ™„еÐ...ўејЏиЃљењЁÐ'Ñ'Ђиµ*пјЊÐ'Ñ"'Ð*›Ñ'иЁЋи«-ж‰Ð‚е­Ñ'Ð*Ñ--'Ð*Ñ™„Ð*џҐи­?еЏЉжЉЂе*§Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐ'Ñ'¦Ð'Ñ"'Ð*›Ñ'ж"ЇжЏÒ'пјЊж‰Ð‚Ð'»ÒÐ¶?'еЂ'ж?ЇÐ'Ñ'ЂеЂ‹ groupгЂ‚

й‚ЈйÑ"јж?'еЂ'ж?ЇÐ'Ñ'ЂеЂ‹Ð'»Ð‚йÑ"јжЂ§Ð¸Ñ-ЄÐ*Ñ™„еoЏÐ*µ„е'ўпјџ Ed. E. Jacobs, Robert L. Masson, Riley L. Harvill еo‡ groupж­Ñ'йЎћж?Ñ'7 Ð*Ё®Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐµ?†Ðµ?Ґж?Ї

1. Education вЂ" “provide clients with information on various topics”

2. Discussion вЂ" “the focus is usually on topics or issues rather than any member’s personal concerns”

3. Task вЂ" “a specific task is to be accomplished”

4. Growth and experiential вЂ" “members who want to experience being in a group and who are motivated to learn about themselves often benefit from growth groups”

5. Counseling and therapy вЂ" “members come to the group because of certain problems in their lives”

6. Support вЂ" “members share thoughts and feelings and help one another examine issues and concerns”

7. Self-help вЂ" “laypeople with similar concerns as those at the meeting generally lead self-help groups”

ж â„-ж"Ñ™Ð'»-еЂ'Ð*Ñ™„Ð**Ње®Ñ™Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐ¶?'еЂ'ж‡‰Ð¶?ЇÐ'»Ò discussion Ð*‚Ñ"Ð'Ñ'»Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐµ› Ð*‚Ñ"Ð*„¦Ð¹»Ñ›ÐµÑ'‚йЂљеÑ'Ñ'ж?ЇжџÑ'Ð'Ñ'Ђи©±Ð¹ÐŽÐŠÐ¶?-иЄІйЎЊиЂЊÐ'Ñ'Ќж?ЇÐ'»»Ð'Ð...*ж?Ñ'е"ÐŽÐ*Ñ™„еЂ‹Ð'Ñ"Ñ"е*ЏйЎЊпј›Ð'Ð...†Ð¶?Ї discussion board иЈЎеЏ?жњ‰Ð'Ñ'Ќеo'жЂќжÑ"Ñ-е'Њж„џеЏ--Ð'Ñ"¤Ð¶µÐƒÐ¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐµÐ...јж­¤ÐµÐÐ‡Ð'»ÒÐ¶Ð„ўи¦-жџÑ'Ð'Ñ"›Ðµ*ЏйЎЊе'Њж†‚ж...®Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐ¶‰Ð‚Ð'»ÒÐµÐ?ж»Ð†Ðµ...ҐÐ'Ñ"† support Ð*Ñ™„е...Ñ"Ð*Ò' гЂ‚

除Ð'Ñ"† Jacobs Ð'»-еЂ'е¤-пјЊGerald Corey Ð'Ñ"¦Ðµo‡groupж­Ñ'йЎћж?Ñ'4 Ð*Ё®Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐµ?†Ðµ?Ґж?Ї

1. Counseling groups вЂ" “focus on growth, development, enhancement, prevention, self-awareness, and releasing blocks to growth”

2. Group Psychotherapy вЂ" “typically focus on remediation, treatment, and personality reconstruction”

3. Structured Groups вЂ" “groups characterized by some central theme”

4. Self-self Groups вЂ" “allow people with a common interest to create a support system that protects them from psychological stress and gives them the incentive to begin changing their lives”

Ð'»Ò Corey Ð*Ñ™„е?†Ð¹ÐŽÑ›Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐ¶?'еЂ'Ð'Ñ'Ќж?Ї counseling group, group psychotherapy and self-self groupгЂ‚ж*...ж­¤Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐ¶?'еЂ'еЏЇиÑ"Ð...ж?Ї structured groupгЂ‚

еЏoÐ*ЃЈÐ*Ñ™„й»Ñ"жÑ" жÑ" еҐÑ-еЈ«Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐ'Ñ"¦Ðµo‡groupж­Ñ'йЎћж?Ñ' 7 Ð*Ё®Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐµ?†Ðµ?Ґж?Ї

1. иЁ"Ð**Ò'ењ?й«" (T-group) вЂ" гЂЊиЁ"Ð**Ò'Ð'Ñ"Ñ"йљ›Ð¹--ÑšÐ'Ñ--‚жЉЂиЎ"гЂЌ




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