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Racial Groups

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My belief is that racial groups differ in many different backgrounds. The Black race is motivated by there own interest and belief and most of the Black people enjoy a good challenge. I think the Black race is creative, intelligent and is motivated by external rewards, such as money, or good grades. I also think that the Black race can recognize when a problem exists and can generate a solution to problems. The Black race differs in personality, thinking and feeling. Some are outgoing and expressive and enjoy having fun.

The difference between Black and White Americans is the Black Americans score lower on test than White Americans. The Black American has fewer educational opportunities. Many of them are raised in poverty as apposed to the white children who grow up in middle to upper class society. I believe that environmental factor, such as nutrition and lack of prenatal care can have a negative impact on the ability to succeed. I think that the shade of skin color, blood type and proteins make each individual different from each other.

Many White Americans don’t feel, see, or think that a wrong has been done to the Black race. They do not understand that compensation, justice and change are necessary. I think that White Americans feel that by denying the Blacks of land and property ownership and education that they have stripped Blacks of a base on which to build a reliable means of obtaining their basic needs. Blacks recognize their differences experiences and show little patience with those who cannot see the situation as it is.

I do agree that race does still matter in the United States. I agree that some White Americans may dismiss discussions of race by claiming that everyone is basically the treated the same. I believe that each person is and individual with a unique family history and personal interest and these factors alone should determine our differences.



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