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Z-Wing Marketing Plan

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Situation Analysis

Market Summary

There has been fierce competition brewing between Z-Wing and its nearest competitor, Janssen, for the past 10 years. Z-Wing has garnered 50% of the world's aviation market, but Janssen has recently captured 47% of the market. The global commercial aviation market is growing at a low 5% per year.

SWOTT Analysis

The strengths and weaknesses identified in a SWOTT analysis are internal and something that the company can do something about. The opportunities and threats are external matters that the company has no control over. The trends involve external factors, can fall into the opportunities and threats categories, and have a social impact on the organization. The strengths identified in Z-Wing are:

* The company is a marketing leader

* The company has experienced managers

* The organization has a good product line and good service

* The company has good financial strength realizing $60 billion in annual revenues and a market cap at $35 billion.

The weaknesses associated with Z-Wing are:

* Their market share is sliding--Z-Wing 50%, Janssen 47%

* Budget constraints

* The level of customer service is low

* Market research is weak. Z-Wing has allowed the competition to increase its market share, while Z-Wing is stagnant.

Z-Wing has the opportunity to introduce new aircraft, and scan the marketplace in order to build sustainable customer relationships. The organization can enter into new markets by developing new products, such as private, corporate, and military jets, and by providing new services such as low cost routes and a customer support system. The threats to realizing the goals of the organization are local, state, and federal regulations, Janssen, the economy, and negative publicity. The trend most prevalent in the industry is the consumers are demanding more, so the company is demanding more from its equipment as well as its most valuable asset, the employees.


Janssen is the strongest competitor and as such, Z-Wing must create a niche in the aircraft industry that sets it apart from Janssen. Z-Wing has the In Touch system in place but comparable products are already in the market. Z-Wing has to offer something unique to their airline customers so the company can continue to be the market leader.

Product Offering

* In Touch system--Internet, intranet, broadband services available to crewmembers and customers

* E-service portal--24/7 access to maintenance manuals, engineering drawings, parts lists, etc.

* Aircraft models 824, 878, and 888

* Possible upgrade to the best selling 888

Keyes to Success

The executive team realizes that no matter what products the company offers, the customers are what matters most. The success of the company depends on how effective the company manages their relationship with the customers. "In order for a company



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