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Baderman Marketing Plan

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PR Campaign


Industry leading organizations with successful strategies to influence stakeholders and convey a positive image use numerous tools. In today's world, communication is necessary to relay information to all stakeholders. To communicate the desired image to target groups, the organization must use Public Relations to provide the media information about company goals and objectives. This report describes how Baderman Resort's Public Relations Campaign will convey its diversity message to the publics.

PR Campaign Objective

Baderman's PR goal is to effectively communicate diversity in its workforce and clientele. Ethics plays an important part of this campaign. All communications will be honest, responsible, fair, and respectful.

Target Audience

Baderman's goal is to position itself as a leader in embracing diversity among its internal and external publics such as employees, stockholders, travel agents, and visitors. The target audiences for this campaign are resort visitors, employees, and travel agents. Visitors will be divided into groups based on age, education, income, and family status.

Market Research Plan

The PR department at Baderman will collect opinions from focus groups. The opinions gathered will help drive the PR campaign to enhance the company's image of diversity. To gather the opinions and answers Baderman will launch a survey, which can be filled out and left at the hotel or completed online. Employee and investor questionnaires will be conducted via the company intranet. Travel agents will be invited to round-table discussions.

Effects on Marketing

Baderman's PR department will work with the Marketing Department to produce advertising that reflects the diversity of visitors. The goal is that this PR campaign will help the marketing department show potential visitors that Baderman realizes the diversity in its clientele and wants to offer services to meet everyone's needs and wants (Sherwin, 2001).

Tactical Plan

Baderman's communication tactics will demonstrate diversity among its workforce and guests. Listed below are several tactics to help Baderman showcase its diversity.

Special events ~ Special events will take place that represent the diversity of employees and guests. The second annual winter festival will showcase the different religious beliefs and heritages through the illuminated parade

Celebrity spokespersons ~ Celebrity spokespersons will be used to stress Baderman's diversity beliefs and will be chosen based on diverse backgrounds, appeal to a wide range of individuals, and beliefs in diversity.

Press conferences ~ Press conferences will be held to announce new developments in Baderman's diversity awareness program.

Direct mailings, promotions/sweepstakes, and internet ~ The multiculturalism that Baderman embraces will be made more evident in all pictorials used for such advertising.

Business Implications of PR Campaign

Baderman is committed to diversity and incorporates this within all facets of its business culture. Managing diversity will allow Baderman to grow its staff and clientele with the belief that everyone is equal. Growth representation would take form by an increase of reservations and industry recognition as a benchmark organization.

Technology and Globalization

Technological advances have allowed communication to become instantaneous. The medium has various forms such as handheld devices, email, and instant messaging. Technology allows notification to groups whether coordinated alerts or specific audience driven alerts.

Using technology to build relationships with all audiences can help build the company's future. PR has typically used the media to get messages out to the public, but the Internet offers a new medium for communication. A successful website addresses all audiences and provides an interactive opportunity for the audiences to communicate with the company.

Technology will continue to emerge and PR communication will take new shape heading into the future, but the underlying constant will be choosing the appropriate medium for the message.

Globalization will have many effects on Baderman Island. The public relations done for Baderman will have a global reach. With the current format, Baderman is attempting to attract visitors regardless of ethnicity, language and residence. Since a large global population visit resorts, Baderman must implement a global strategy addressing communication and needs of different countries. Global media networks such as CNN and travel magazines will provide required communication mediums.

Baderman will be cognizant of changes in the global footprint and develop a focus group composed of people from different regions and ethnic groups. In the focus group, some discussion will revolve around globalization and how Baderman should proceed to be a world-class resort.

Crisis Communication Management Plan

Baderman will have a Crisis Communication Plan focusing on communication. Baderman will use communication to inform, influence, and motivate the community. A few communication tools to be implemented include:

Media Crew Specialists to respond to Medias inquiries.

24-hour hotline accepting calls regarding questions or concerns.

Specialists to communicate, works, and investigate with the appropriate government agencies if the crisis requires.


Developing a budget for Public Relations requires planning and establishing priority of tactical approaches.

Item Cost Notes

Special Events

Promotion 6,000

Supplies (tickets, badging, etc.) 5,000 (Office Depot, 2005)

Food services 16,500 (SMS Catering, 2005)

Staffing 6,000 Overtime



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