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Short Version Marketing Plan

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Short Version Marketing Plan

What Why When How Who

Product What does the product have to do? What articulated wants or unarticulated needs does it fill? What is the window of opportunity? How will the product fill these wants and needs? What is our best guess at who is going to buy our product?

Presence Where in the virtual and physical world do we need to sell our product? Why will the marketplaces and market spaces distribute our product? How will our presence change during the lifecycle of our product? How will we establish and maintain a presence in the important locations? Who are the decision makers at the marketplaces and market spaces?

Persuasion What are the social factors in the buying process of our product? Why will people recommend our product to others? When can we credibly go after opinion leaders and early adopters? How do we ensure that comments, rankings, reviews, and counts portray us in a positive way? Who are the relevant opinion leaders and persuaders? Which communities must we reach?

Preference How do we enable customers to express their preferences and to personalize what we do? Why would people take the time and energy to express their preferences? How will customer preferences change over time? How do we capture customer preferences? (Customer ratings, transaction history, search behavior, and configuration tools?) Whose preferences do we care about?

Price How much do we sell our product for? Why is this the right price point? What is our pricing strategy through the lifecycle? How do we set and reset the price in a world of "perfect information" and dynamic pricing? Who will demand different price points? Which segments do we care about?



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