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Marketing Plan

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Game Days

Have you ever been to a sports bar or restaurant and thought it could be so much more? At "Game Days" that is exactly what we are going to accomplish. Game Days is a sports bar combined with a restaurant that caters to the sports fan market meanwhile attracting non-sports fans because of the excellent cuisine offered. Whether your team is one of the thirty-two NFL (National Football League) teams, one of the thirty NBA (National Basketball Association) teams, one of the thirty NHL (National Hockey League) teams, or one of the thirty MLB (Major League Baseball) teams, we are the place to be. If you like more than one team, a bunch of teams, or every team and just sports in general then Game Days will knock your socks off because this is the place to get it all. This service is designed to allow the consumer to have a great time while getting a drink and/or grabbing a bite to eat. You can do all of this while watching your favorite team.

The biggest difference that Game Days could offer to the consumer is the sports aspect of the restaurant/sports bar. An experience in our restaurant would happen like this: When you walk in you are greeted by a hostess who asks, Who are you cheering for today?" Depending on which team you will be seated in one of four sections. The four major sports Game Days is affiliated with make up four major sections within the building on the bottom floor. The consumer can choose to go to: "The Sideline" if the NFL is your choice, "The Penalty Box" if hockey is what you are seeking, "The Bullpen" if baseball is what you want, or "The Hardwood" if a little round-ball is your style. Each of the four major areas are very large in size and are isolated from the other major sports sections. Each area also contains smaller sections affiliated with a specific team from that certain sport.

If you choose to sit in "The Sideline" for instance in the Kansas City Chiefs section you will be taken to their specific team area that will have ten to fifteen tables since it is a local team. For teams that are not local there will be four to six tables. This will allow our customers to have a nationwide experience. The Chiefs and Royals will have ten to fifteen table sections for their respective sports. Since there's no local NBA team or NHL team "The Hardwood" and "The Penalty Box" will not have such large sections. In addition, every major section would have an "all-purpose" section to watch all of the games affiliated with that sport and college sports. In this section, games from all the sports we are involved with will be played. They will be primarily at the professional level but some at the collegiate level as well, especially our local Ichabods of Washburn University.

An added bonus to sitting in your teams section is a discount on food if you are wearing a hat or shirt that represents the team in which you have chosen and are sitting in their section. Twenty-five percent will be reduced from the total amount spent on food as long as they play that day. It is also fun to be surrounded by sports memorabilia that signifies your team and things that are autographed by past and present players from your team. It will be obvious who each consumer is cheering for. The customer will feel right at home in their respective section because they will be surrounded by fans that are cheering for the same team.

Game Days will provide our customers a memorable experience they will never forget. Our wait staff is ready, able, and willing to cater to the consumers each and every need. Our wait staff will consist of female waitresses who will be the cheerleaders for their prospective teams. The waitresses will be wearing jerseys affiliated with the team that represents the section they are working in that day or night and cheerleader outfits, also affiliated with the team that represents their section during a game. Each shift will be provide many wait staff to provide our customers with a complete dining experience so our customers can concentrate on each second of the game.

One of our main focuses is to provide our customers with an atmosphere where they are able to watch their game and enjoy a great meal at the same time. We think that because of this focus our customers will come back to experience the wonderful, fast and friendly service that they receive each time. All of this accompanied with great food and drink will be enough to keep the consumers coming back day after day, week after week. The most amazing aspect of all of this is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

On Game Days' upper level you can either watch a game, play a game, or both. Our upper level is primarily designed for those customers who want to play games. This level will have a section called "Video Gamers". There would be an X-Box section, a Playstation 2 section, and a Nintendo Game Cube section. Each section would primarily be designed for video games that pertain to the four major sports. There would be an NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL subsection within each particular game system section. These game systems would be used for friendly leisure games as well as for competitive tournaments we would host for cash and prizes. Food would not be allowed while playing the game systems but would be served, as mentioned earlier, upstairs as well. Beverages, however, would be permitted while playing. This also allows the consumer to see the differences in each game system from the graphic design to the layout of the controller. Overall, it would give the consumer ample time to decide which game system he or she likes best and in turn buy a game system for their own personal use. It would be a good way to promote each game system as well as sports and competition. We would hope to obtain sponsorships and work towards some joint advertising deals with the: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, X-BOX (Microsoft), Playstation (Sony), and Game Cube (Nintendo). The three companies that we would be using their game systems would get a lot of free promotion through this sort of thing.

We would also have some left over game systems for miscellaneous use in an alternative section. Customers who have children could immensely benefit from this service we provide. This area would be strictly monitored by our staff as well as other portions of Game Days. Also, a lot of times when a parent or parents take a child or children somewhere the child will begin to get restless and this does not make for a good time and usually results in an early is not a daycare. It simply provides children with something to do. This monitored area gives the parent or parents some peace of mind. Good security and supervision are important for this to run smoothly.

Another area that makes up part of the upper level



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