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Yakich’s Passage the Strategies

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Essay Preview: Yakich’s Passage the Strategies

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The overall basis for the strategies found in Yakich’s passage are very straightforward in regard to the explanation of each “rule” when reading poetry. At first glance, I thought Yakich’s rules would've been super hard to understand but his explanation of the 20 rules he created were actually relatively easy to comprehend. They were very relatable to me and I feel like anyone with common sense could easily understand them.There were two rules that stood out to me the most ; rule number 12 and rule number 8. Rule number 12 in his rule book explained that if the reader didn’t understand the poem at first, that it was okay to read the poem several times. This is practical because every poem must be read more than once especially ambiguous poems. They can be very vague at times, which in return forces readers to read the passage several times.Rule number 8 explained that nothing in a poem is hidden or unexplained. Everything that is in a poem is seen but may not be comprehended at first. When I think about this rule, it makes more and more sense because the words in the poem don't change, only the understanding and the comprehension of the poetry change in the reader’s brain.

I choose to read the article “The Myth of Music” by Rachel M. Harper from the 2017 AP Exam. This poem describes the effect music has on personal and family relationships. While reading this poem, my understanding of what the poem was explaining was very vague. After I read the poem again, I picked up on words that I missed and phrases that I didn’t understand. I read it thoroughly and everytime I caught something that I missed at first. Rule number 12 from Yakichs rulebook explained that in order for a reader to understand a poem to its full potential, they must read the poem several times. For this excerpt, I didn’t understand the poem from the beginning. All I understood from the first read was the mood and the tone of the poem. As I read the passage



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