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Introduction Of The Strategy

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Introduction of the strategy

No organization can plan in detail every aspect of its current or future actions, but all organizations can benefit from some idea of where they are heading and how they could get there. Put another way, all organizations need some strategic direction. Once the operations function has understood its role in the business and after it has articulated the performance objectives, which define its contribution to strategy, it needs to formulate a set of general principles, which will guide its decision-making. This is the operations strategy of the company.

Here we assume when an organization articulates its ÐŽ®strategyЎЇ it has made decisions, which commit the organization to a particular set of actions (as opposed to a different ÐŽ®strategyЎЇ). The pattern of its subsequent decisions then reflects its continuing commitment to the same direction. If the pattern of its decisions changes, some change in its strategic direction is indicated.

Operation strategy content and process

Operation strategy concerns the pattern of strategic decisions and actions, which set the role, objectives, and activities of the operation. As with any type of strategy, we can consider its content and process separately. Here we treat content and process as follows:

The content of operations strategy comprises the specific decisions and actions, which set the operations role, objectives and activities.

The process of operations strategy is the method that is used to make the specific ÐŽ®contentЎЇ decisions.

Specify the content of operations strategy

Operations strategy is clearly part of an organizationЎЇs total strategy, but people on the subject have slightly different views and definitions.



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