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Why Is Science Important for Society, Engineers and Ies?

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Essay Preview: Why Is Science Important for Society, Engineers and Ies?

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  1. Why is Science Important for Society, Engineers and IEs?”

What is Science?

   To answer this question, let us start with what it is not. Science is not simply technology; it does not consist in the invention of devices, such as those that the twentieth century has brought us: radios, TVs, VCRs, computers, air planes, antibiotics, lasers, CAT scans, and nuclear weapons (Stevenson and Byerly, The Many Faces of Science, pp. 2-3).

   Science is both a body of knowledge and a process (Understanding Science, How Science Really Works). In order to do something, find some solutions, in other words, to begin production, of course, knowledge is very important. In fact, without knowledge, there cannot be anything to process.

Why is Science Important for Society?

   All societies, as known, have basic needs such as living healthy and living in welfare. In order to be supplied these basic needs, societies need science. In other words, science can help to solve the problems like many kinds of diseases and it can give some advices to protect the nature and natural sources. Let us explain why science is important for society by giving one example; with exploration of 3D printers and improvements on 3D printing, many problems can be solved. Andras Forgacs, a Bioprinting entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Modern Meadow, believes that in 30 years, leather and meat will be produced by using these 3D printers and no animal will be harmed. Because today, we maintain a global herd of 60 billion animals to provide our meat, dairy eggs and leather goods (Andras Forgacs, TED Global 2013, 2013). If the number of animals can be decreased, natural sources that are used to feed these animals can be protected. It may sound ridiculous at first, but if it can be implemented, it will be a great benefit for societies.

   In addition to these, science is necessary for societies’ mentality. Scientific thought makes societies sensitive. Scientific thought also provides societies the opportunity to improve themselves. People who think scientific always look their environments in curiosity. This curiosity helps individuals to think in different ways, unlike ordinary people. As a consequence, while increasing the number of individuals who can think different and who can help the development of science, for example, giving some original ideas or maybe just support science financial, societies will be contemporary.




Why is Science Important for Engineers and IEs?

   Who counts as a scientist? Let us analyze engineers and scientists. Both of them use scientific research in some way, but engineers study science as a part of their training. On the other hand, unlike engineers, scientists attempt to the creative work in science, trying in some way to enlarge knowledge or improve on existing scientific theory (Stevenson and Byerly, The Many Faces of Science, pp. 38-39). As we say, engineers use scientific research techniques while studying for a specific goal. Therefore, science and development of science are so important for engineers. Furthermore, when we look industrial engineers, we can say that science has an important role. Industrial engineers have to possess some abilities such as analytic thought, management or planning. All of these are parts of the science. Moreover, operational research is one of the basic parts of industrial engineering and it is evidence that science has such an important role in this kind of engineering.



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