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Handicaps In The Society

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Handicaps in the Society

The Hispanic College Fund has been growing ever since its creation back in 1993, and has been more help the community it serves arguably more so than any other attempt at this fight for equality. With the great movements towards equality there have been many who have tried to close the gap between the races, ethnicities, and any other kind of difference we come across in our daily lives. The offsetting of the differences with advantages provided by funds or programs have not only brought this world closer to the so sought out dream of color blindness, and objective purity among all other kinds of differences but also may have fueled hate to seep out in other ways. Though this acts as a deterrent to our goal, we cannot forget that with anything we make it is going to be imperfect in design for we are imperfect.

The Hispanic College Fund is a noble attempt to close the gap to help the Hispanic population of this country to strive for its complete potential. The numerous people in opposition of this fund will denounce it by saying that it in its nature is promoting inequality, and there is some validity to their point, but in the long run it is just merely closing the gap of the advantages that group of people already ascertained with its royalties. The Hispanic College Fund is one of the sole forces driving Hispanics towards equality with the rest of the country, and although it has its faults it outweighs any damage it could produce.

The cons of the fund are that of hate and inequality. The parody made against this funding was a scholarship actually made called the 'Whites Only Scholarship' which tries to demonstrate the negative connotation it sends by making a fund based upon race alone. The firm argument made is followed up by the concept that the less well off White citizens of this country would feel oppressed, and all the funding would do is have a role reversal. Now that the minorities are getting ahead the argument that the Whites would be subject to oppression seems almost absurd, but nonetheless the argument is strong in the fact that there is a possibility that there are white families who just simply can't afford to send their child to college. Based on those arguments those who are in favor of the funding of any other ethnicity are painted as a hypocrite and should be reprimanded for their actions.

That would also possibly lead to racial violence. The differences of race will be made and there will be even more hate to build upon all the hate and racism this country had to endure. The speculation of the huge conflict created by this is one we should be wary about for sure and would continue the horrible and foul cancer of this world known as hate. Although these are strong arguments there are pro points of views that have enough promise to bring the stasis of this country back to the point of a racial equilibrium. The arguments of the white man starting off at a better place than the other minorities who have been getting the short end of the stick, and the presence of family inheritances that will forever put a large amount of white people ahead indefinitely unless something was to be done about the situation. That alone should be enough reason to do it, but also we have to take in account the sheer potential others that are disadvantaged can provide for this country of ours.

The success of the fund is hard to measure by numbers alone. When you think of the domino effect it would surely produce by making such future students unlock their potential and become functioning members of society. It merely is in place to give those Hispanics at an economical set back an easier way to pay off the price for college so they can seek out higher learning. As mentioned before with more people attending college the more marketable the individual becomes, and that will only leave to more productivity. The problems our economy is facing we truly need resilient citizens to inherit this planet that has been left by the ones who came before us. The Hispanic community in itself is disadvantaged and to think that we could be overlooking a diamond in the rough,



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