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Violence In Society

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Violence in Society

Mahatma Gandhi's notion of Non-Violence hardly finds its shades in today's society. Non-Violence took the backseat and Violence treads on lives of myriad people abysmally. Violence is described by horrendous deeds of attacking, destroying, sabotaging, assaulting, molesting, killing and so forth. Every corner of our society is virtually being tainted by Violence. Violence has made its presence felt all over the world affecting the multitudes. Be it clashes, conflicts, communal riots or whatever form the violence takes, it is affecting the bourgeois people in terms of lives and property. It has been existing since many centuries and yet extant unaltered in the era of millenium.

Violence can be imputed to many factors. Disagreement over an issue with others may whip a person into resentment developing a sense of grudge in him. Religious obsessions and racism chip in to suppress humanity. People preoccupied with wicked thoughts resort to terrorist deeds. As money makes a man anything, avarice makes a human being resort to any criminal activity. Unemployed, dejected over life, tread on the path of self-employment through abductions and murders. Greed, revenge, avenge, retaliation, racism, disparities, inharmony, unemployment contribute to this terrible violence.

People cutting across religions, castes and nationalities indulge in violence. World wars almost shook the world leaving a burial ground before it. Babri masjid demolition in 1992 gave rise to Hindu-Muslim conflicts which is grossly dismal. In 2002, Gujarat riots encompassing burning of Godhra train led to communal riots. Maoist attacks in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and West Bengal have been adverse in the recent past. Year 2008 witnessed the indiscriminate killing of people by terrorists. Top-brass commandos and policemen were slain in the odious attacks. 26/11 attacks woke up the nation to set up NIA National Investigation Agency and NIA bill was moved in the parliament in 2008. And even today, Thailand clashes persist victimizing innocent people. Violence seems to be eternal which would spell doom to the citizens.

Violence, however, has its pros. Its only through violence that India has achieved its independence after having struggled for several decades. It resulted in loss of many freedom fighters and economic people. Had violence been



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