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What Are the Most Important Characteristic of a Leader?

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Essay Preview: What Are the Most Important Characteristic of a Leader?

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What are the most important characteristic of a leader?

Ho Choi

English composition

Miss Cornog

July 22 2016

Be a leader

What are the most important characteristic of a leader?

        Great Chef is a person who perfectly leads a team. Being a great Chef isn’t just about cooking delicious food, but leading a team to a great service because Chef is another word for a leader. Therefore, I researched the articles that are similar to Chef’s Characteristics. The three most characteristics about leaders and its related to Chefs characteristics are being responsible, consistency, being able to communicate.

        The most important characteristic of a leader based on these three is being responsible. The main responsibility of a team leader is to guide a team so that it can be one. The team leader has more responsibility than anyone, because if he does not carry out his responsibilities, the whole team will suffer as a result. A successful team leader should understand the strengths and weaknesses of every team member so that tasks can be done right. As a general manager at Café, my responsibility of leading is very important because like my title, I’m generally responsible for everything which is sales, accounting, paperwork and payroll, while giving the freedom to deal with other issues. Also, to be a great Chef in this culinary field, being responsible is much related to a leader because Chef doesn’t cook but orders cooks to cook food and check to serve. Great Chef knows how to responses for every mistakes and know how to figure out the different situations.

        The second important characteristic of a leader is to be consistency. Consistent leader gains respect and credibility, which is essential to getting acknowledged from the team. By setting an example of fairness and credibility, the team will want to act the same way. To be consistent as a general manager is to control my mood, and give away personal thoughts while working with the team. Because I’m a human being, sometimes is hard to forget about personal thoughts at work but being a professional and be consistent is needed. Chefs must have consistency every time, and every moment because if Chefs cannot control his anger, or mind in middle of the service time, the whole team losses morale and break parts.

         A good leader has high level of communication and knows how to be a good speaker and listener at the same time. They must know how to distinguish and converse what others ideas, questions, and answers so that it leads a team to the right way. Also by respecting other’s thought and listen will help a leader grow up. Being a good communicator at my Café is very hard because every single team member has different problems, situations, and complaints. Also, not just a team member but by listening and speaking to customer’s feedback, and complaints makes even harder. But, as a part of my job, I must listen and speak professionally to communicate with my team, and customers to bring in the best service. A good head chef needs to have excellent communication skills on two different levels. The first one is with the customers. A Chef will be at the lobby talking to the customers and getting their feedback on the menu and the service. The Chef should also pay attention to the customer’s comments about the restaurant so he knows what’s right or what’s wrong based on his job. It is also important to communicate between the chef and his staff. It is very important the Chef talks with team and listens to them to keep them motivated and ensure than moral is high, otherwise the quality of the service and cuisine will go suffer as result.



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