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Water Pollution

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Water pollution is any chemical, biological or physical change in the quality of water which has a harmful effect on any living thing that drinks, uses, or lives in it. If and when individuals drink polluted water it can cause serious effects. Water pollution can also make water unsuited for the desired use. The main cause of water pollution is made by humans. Point and non point sources are the two sorts of sources. Point sources discharge pollutants at specific locations such as pipelines or sewers into the surface water. Non point sources are sources which can not be traced to a single site of discharge. Factories, sewage, underground mines, as well as tankers are examples of point sources. Acid, deposition for the air, traffic as well as pollutants spread through the river are all the examples of non point pollution.

Major scientific studies show that commercial fishing has depleted the sea over 90% of big fish. Over fishing causes more destruction to the ocean environment than toxic pollution. My plan for sustaining less water pollution is to develop not only an education but hands on program to show and explain what we are doing to our water. This program can be during the weekend so it will not interfere with individual’s busy lifestyle during the week. In order to make sure I am 100% accurate I will have to do some intense studying so I can make sure to cover every area. Next I will develop an excellent educational but yet fun learning experience which is not just going to educate individuals but make it a fun and easy going activity. I will post memos in public business as well as parks and recreational areas stating when this program is going to take place so we can try an get as many individuals that we can. I can also try an get a hold of some specialist to see if they could come out an speak as well to our community.

Individuals began to question; do chemical pollutants cause health risks? They state an opinion that chemical pollutants are a serious health threat. The main point is that most chemicals are very toxic and therefore cause health problems. Others oppose and say chemical pollutants are not a serious threat to health. The majority of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals in the diet appear to be present and levels below which any significant adverse biological effect is likely. They also argue that exposure



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