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Main Cause Of Water Pollution

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There are many main cause of pollution, which come from many different ways are lakes are being polluted. (Lakes have been used as dumping grounds for refuse for centuries.) (Edward F. Dolan) An author said, "Oceans are like humans, they can absorb small amounts of contaminants but get sick when it is too much to handle." (Edward F. Dolan) Part of why are lakes and oceans are being so polluted, is that people didn't realize the effect it would have in the future. Only know people are realizing how important it is to take care of lakes and oceans. (Another way of are lakes and oceans are getting polluted is traffic on water.) (Dick Hecock, president of the P.R.W. district) Besides running motors, worm containers/ bedding and broken tackle are thrown into are lakes and oceans. Humans are not the only thing that pollutes are lakes, natural has different ways of polluting are waters. "Acid rain (snow sleet) comes from burning fossils fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) which give off sulfur and nitrogen dioxides that convert into sulfuric and nitric acids by the action of sunlight and moisture." (Authors Name?) Oil Spills have a huge factor on are waters. (Between 10,000 and 16,000 oil spills take place in U.S. waters. Only the more serious spills are reported though.) (Edward F. Dolan) From the most visible pollution, floating objects, containers, cans, and ect. (A test moved more than 125 pounds of floating materials were collected in less than five hours.) (Ian Mcnutty) Another major factor are water runoffs. (Runoff comes from streets, rooftops, and parking lots which contain sewage, chemicals, and garbage that seeks into are lakes and oceans.) (Dick Hecock)



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