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Water Pollution

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Water Pollution

The project I want to do involves water pollution. Water pollution is one of our world's greatest problems. The pollution effects us, wildlife, hygiene, and habitats. One of the major causes of this problem is the depletion of waste into water. Scientist have tried ways to improved the cleanliness of our water, but the pollution continues to grow. I will try a safe, reliable, and humane experiment. The process will be simple and will also be time sufficient. My goal in this process is to be able to create something that will be of use.

Water pollution is everywhere. The levels of pollution have gotten so bad that most homes have to install a water filter in order to drink clean water. The company Culligan purifies and sells clean water in plastic containers. The company is making more money because of the pollution. Not only is the water we consume infected, but the food we eat is also as well.

Our food relies on water as well. Without water we have no food. Plants need water to grow, and animals need water to live. If we give water that is not clean to our food, then we are contaminating them as well. The food we eat is contaminated and so when we consume that food we weaken our bodies. So all that we eat is contaminated. Although now we do not have to worry as much about the pollution infecting us now, it will later, like most things, grow. It will grow and infect everything including our already infected air.

The picture above shows how much we put into our water. If you can see, that water isn't clean at all. Infact it is brown. For those who don't's suppose to be a blue and white clear color.

How would you like to drink that water? Would you even want to swim in it? That's how most of our American water is...dirty. Not only would you not want to be in it, would you even want to eat anything that



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